Summary: There are a number of eye conditions that can occur when wearing contact lenses. Here are some of the most common ones.

Your eyes carry a heavy workload throughout the day. However, many people do not realize just how fragile they really are. An injury sustained to the eye can be more impactful than they are to other parts of the body.

For example, a small cut on your finger can be painful but can be treated with over-the-counter antiseptic and a bandage. Your eyes on the other hand, when suffering from a similar injury, can have far more severe consequences. With that being said, it is important to understand the various types of conditions and what can potentially cause them.

Fuzzy Vision

If you are experience blurriness or fuzziness when your contacts are on, it could be a sign of either dry eyes or improper lens cleaning. Seeing as your contacts are designed to fit your specific condition to clear up your vision, blurry vision may be a sign that your lenses have not been cleaned well enough before use. It may also be a sign that you contacts are old and should be tossed away.

Red Eyes and Itchiness

If your eyes are looking red and feeling itchy, you may have an infection. However, do not automatically assume that just because they’re a bit uncomfortable that you have a serious infection. As bacteria spreads throughout the body, your body naturally fights back and repels them.

The bacteria will initially feel slimy but can turn crusty after it dries out. An optometrist can examine your eyes and take an in-depth look into whether you need antibacterial drops or other forms of medical treatment. Be sure to consult with a doctor before using any over-the-counter drops to treat your issues.

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