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4 Tips for Healthier Looking Lips

Lips are easily chapped. For one, they’re exposed. Also, they’re thin-skinned and lack oil glands. If that’s not enough, as we age, they get smaller, drier and tend to lose color too.

Yet most women fail to make caring for their lips a part of their routine. That said, here are 4 tips for healthier looking lips:

1: Stay Hydrated

Dry lips indicate that you aren’t drinking enough water. It also indicates that you are stressed. This doesn’t mean that you drink 8 glasses of water everyday. Just make sure what you eat has high water content. Some of these options include fruits and veggies, herbal teas and coconut water.

2: Opt for a Cream or Ointment

While that waxy balm you use prevents moisture loss, it doesn’t hydrate your lips. Of course, if it has menthol or camphor, it can dry (and irritate) your lips. So, a creamy or ointment-like treatment that contains occlusives and humectants should do the trick. Even a cream such as the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream works perfectly too.

3: Use Balm or Oil To Remove Scaly Patches

Peeling off rough skin can make you lips look young. For this, apply moisturizing balm or oil. Then use a toothbrush with soft bristles to brush away scaly patches. Mix a little brown sugar along with coconut or olive oil. Rub it on your lips with your fingertips for a few seconds. Now, rinse your lips and then apply balm. Do this once a week. Anything more will turn them raw.

4: Use Balm or Lipstick with SPF 15

If your lipstick or balm does not contain a broad-spectrum SPF, then find one. For this, use a balm or lipstick that is at least SPF 15. If you’re at the beach, then use one that is SPF 30 at least.

4 Essential Summer Fashion Tips

Summer is undeniably the season to try out new fashion looks. However, there are some guidelines that might come handy irrespective of the items that you choose.

  1. Buy summer shoes a half-size or a full-size larger than you normally would

This might not be the most pleasant facts, but the feet tend to swell during summertime. When shopping for summer shoes and sandals, you might want to choose them in a larger size than what you wear in winter. For natural materials such as canvas, leather and suede, going up only half a size would be sufficient. For materials such as plastic or faux leather, going up a full size is recommended.

  1. Mind your fabrics

The fabrics that you choose for your summer clothes will directly affect your comfort level. Some high-street stores would be poly-blends which are not quite breathable. Materials such as cotton are more convenient for warmer days. Linen is another material that holds well during summer. For pants, thin denim is also a good alternative compared to regular denim.

  1. Reinvent your clothes

Using the services of a tailor can help you transform your garments and giving them a whole new look. For instance, your jeans can be cut and transformed into shorts. Maxi skirts can also be cut into mini skirts. Blazers can also be effectively transformed into crop tops.

  1. Keep your actual makeup from melting

During the summer heat, your lipsticks and foundations might start melting. To prevent your products from going bad, you might consider storing them in a refrigerated area or even in your own refrigerator!

The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Vintage Jewellery

Written by Cynthia Findlay Antiques

Do you own vintage jewellery? While vintage jewellery is meant to be worn and enjoyed, there are a few do’s and don’ts to wearing high-quality pieces from your grandmother’s jewelry box. Here are a few things you should and shouldn’t do while wearing vintage jewellery.

Do wear it on a special occasion. Are you going to a formal event? There’s no better place to flaunt your vintage jewellery than on a special occasion or during a formal event, such as a museum gala, a wedding, or a formal engagement dinner. Vintage jewellery is usually fancy in nature, which means it will be the perfect addition to your outfit.

Don’t wear it while cleaning. While it might seem obvious, many people wear their vintage jewellery on a daily basis and forget to take it off while doing regular chores such as cleaning and washing dishes. To avoid destroying antique rings, store them properly in between formal events and special occasions.

Don’t wear it while travelling. Once again, it might seem like common sense, but many people wear their precious vintage pieces while travelling via plane, train, and even boat. However, losing your vintage ring on a plane or in a city abroad isn’t fun. To avoid losing your precious gems, keep them at home when you go on vacation.


Cynthia Findlay Antiques is an estate, vintage, and modern jewellery retailer located in Toronto, Canada. Visit the website to see their latest vintage rings and Art Deco rings.

10 makeup tricks every girl should know

Written by: Daily Makeover Beauty Board

1. Concealer
Concealer should never be used as a base on eyelids as it tends to make your eyeshadow crease.

2. Foundation
Using your fingers to apply foundation will leave a light coverage while foundation brushes yield to more coverage.

3. Face powder
Apply powder on your T-zone first to eliminate shine and dust lightly on other regions.

4. Bronzer
When using bronzer, always try to keep the shade uniform on your whole face, neck and chest.

5. Blush
Apply blush starting from the apple of the cheek and working it back towards the ears and down to the jawline.

6. Brow pencil
Shade your brow with a brow pencil or powder. This will add definition to your brow shape and lift up your features.

7. Lipstick and lipliner
Do not apply a heavy shade of lip liner before applying lipstick. Choose the same color and shade for your lipstick and lipliner. Apply lip liner first to your whole lips making sure to apply the color to the inner corners of your mouth as well. Then add the lipstick.

8. Eyeshadow
For eyeshadow, start by applying a base of the lightest tone of your face. Apply this color all over your lid even up to your eyebrows. This base shadow should not be shimmery and can be used to blend in other colors that you intend to add to your eye makeup.

9. Eyeliner
Do not overdo the eyeliner except if you are genuinely looking for a dramatic look.

10 . Mascara
Start by working for the root of the lashes and perform zigzag motions to get the best effect.

How to dress grunge

The grunge look is that style which we inherited from the late 80s and 90s. Grunge makes us think of bands such as Nirvana and Alice in Chains. However, grunge in fashion, has been a recurring theme and the below tips will help you to get that grunge look!

Choosing your top
Choose a top a size larger than what you would actually wear. To channel the grunge look, avoid bright colors like plague! Instead choose muted colors or go for black.

Flannel shirt
The flannel shirt is the key piece to any grunge look, whether you wear it with jean or over a baby doll skirt. Again opt for muted colors.

Ripped and faded denims are essential elements of a grunge wardrobe. Usually, store bought faded jeans would not create the same effect as compared to if you had ripped your own jeans. This makes for a good DIY activity as well.

Invest in high-top shoes such as Converse and Doc Marten boots.

Consider wearing ripped stocking or stockings made to look ripped. This will complement your high-top shoes or boots.

Grunge is not about wearing too much jewelry. For earrings, go for something simple and small. Wear leather bracelets or simple braided bracelets in dark colors like grey, black or brown.

Thrift stores
If you cannot find clothing elements that look used or worn out enough to give you that grunge look, try thrift stores. These places are packed full of genuinely vintage stuff. You might find just the right hightop shoes or flannel shirts there.

5 Must Know Tips for Walking in High Heels

Heels are elements of our wardrobe that we often rant about but can’t do without. We love the effect that heels have on our legs and the below tips could help you improve the way you wear them.

1. Test your heels beforehand
If you have bought a special pair for an upcoming event, test them by wearing them around the house or to run errands. This will help you figure out if you would be needing cushioning or protection on your feet in certain places where there might be eventual rubs.

2. Scuff the sole of your shoes
There’s nothing worse than wearing brand new high heels on a smooth and slippery floor. A simple solution to prevent this is to scuff your shoe soles with sandpaper or walking on rough materials such as gravel. You can also apply a silicone rubber coating compound to make your soles less slippery.

3. Keep a straight posture and be confident
Walk elegantly and gracefully with your legs extended with each step. This will make you look coordinated and confident.

4. Take small breaks
Take a break from the dance floor or standing up chats by sitting down every 30 minutes or so. This will take some of the pressure off your toes and your feet would be able to last longer at the party.

5. Sign up for yoga or pilates
A long run solution to walking better in heels is to sign up for yoga or pilates classes. These exercises will improve your balance and strengthen your core muscles.

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