Traveling is all about being free and enjoying new experiences. Therefore, packing light will give you the freedom of not having to worry about too many of your belongings, while you are off exploring. Here are a few tips on what clothes you should pack.

The three each rule – This rule will allow you to pack three of any clothing. For example, if you pack three tops, you can wear one, wash one and you still have another to wear for later. For smaller items like underwear, look at packing five pieces.

Lightweight, quick-drying clothing – If you are visiting a tropical country look at packing light items that will dry quickly. Like cotton T-shirts, linen shorts, harem pants, and sarongs.

For cooler climates – If you are traveling to a cooler climate, pack one warm jacket, one long sleeve top and a rain jacket with your usual bottoms.

Shoes – One or two pairs of shoes should be more than enough for most trips, just make sure they are of a neutral shade so that they pair well with your clothes. Look at a pair of thongs and sandals when in a tropical country and a pair of flat pumps and boots for colder climates.

Remember that shopping is also part of traveling and it can be nice to wear what you buy when on holiday. Packing light will also give you the chance to invest in a few items and you will have enough space to bring your pieces back home.