Dressing for work can be difficult, even when you have the most extensive wardrobe. Sometimes you may find yourself asking if your office casual is too casual or if your full suit is too formal. Here are a few tips on how to nail your office dress code every single day.

Denim (creative casual) – If you choose to wear denim to work, always pair it with a block coloured top in a neutral shade. To make your outfit office friendly add a blazer. Black is a good choice, but if you are careful with your pens and your cup of coffee, white is a fresh fun choice too.

Slacks and tops with no blazer – A pair of black slacks is a good work wardrobe staple. Pair yours with a navy top that is modest and one that can be tucked in or worn out. Brighten the outfit with a fun watch and a long chain.

Informal attire made work friendly – You may think that your striped black skater dress is not work friendly. However wear a white shirt underneath and a black waist belt and you’ve taken your outfit to the boardroom.

Suits – Suits are traditionally office friendly. Modern suits are more comfortable and are made with lighter fabrics. Choose a pant suit in black, with a loose fitting blazer that can be left open. You can wear a white shirt underneath.