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Month: January 2019

What Eye Conditions Are You At Risk for When Wearing Contact Lenses?

Summary: There are a number of eye conditions that can occur when wearing contact lenses. Here are some of the most common ones.

Your eyes carry a heavy workload throughout the day. However, many people do not realize just how fragile they really are. An injury sustained to the eye can be more impactful than they are to other parts of the body.

For example, a small cut on your finger can be painful but can be treated with over-the-counter antiseptic and a bandage. Your eyes on the other hand, when suffering from a similar injury, can have far more severe consequences. With that being said, it is important to understand the various types of conditions and what can potentially cause them.

Fuzzy Vision

If you are experience blurriness or fuzziness when your contacts are on, it could be a sign of either dry eyes or improper lens cleaning. Seeing as your contacts are designed to fit your specific condition to clear up your vision, blurry vision may be a sign that your lenses have not been cleaned well enough before use. It may also be a sign that you contacts are old and should be tossed away.

Red Eyes and Itchiness

If your eyes are looking red and feeling itchy, you may have an infection. However, do not automatically assume that just because they’re a bit uncomfortable that you have a serious infection. As bacteria spreads throughout the body, your body naturally fights back and repels them.

The bacteria will initially feel slimy but can turn crusty after it dries out. An optometrist can examine your eyes and take an in-depth look into whether you need antibacterial drops or other forms of medical treatment. Be sure to consult with a doctor before using any over-the-counter drops to treat your issues.

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Increase your hair growth with these tips

Hair is usually associated with beauty, attractiveness and self-confidence. Therefore, most of us are always looking for different ways of making their hair look great and healthy. We have compiled several simple and easy tips that will help your hair grow faster and become thicker and stronger.

Healthy and balanced diet

A healthy and balanced diet comprising of leafy green vegetables, fish, fruits, nuts, seeds, and other protein sources is essential for increased hair growth. This is because a healthy diet will provide nourishment not only to our body but also to our hair. Consumption of proteins is especially important for revitalizing the hair.

Regularly massage your scalp

It is important that you gently massage your scalp with your fingertips, at least once a week. Massaging not only stimulates blood circulation but also ensures that enough moisture is provided to the roots, thus making the hair strong. Coconut oil is a great option to use for massaging, as it is a natural hair conditioner and is full of essential nutrients.

Avoid washing hair too often

This tip is important as regularly washing your hair with shampoo can make your hair lose its natural oils, thus making it dry. Therefore, it is advised to wash your hair with a chemical-free shampoo, not more than two times a week.

regularly trim your hair

It is advised that you should get yourself a haircut at least after every three months. This will help to get rid of split ends as they prevent the growth and health of hair by causing hair thinning and breakage. This will ultimately lead to balanced hair growth.

Avoid brushing too often

You must make sure that your hair is not excessively brushed. There is no doubt that brushing stimulates the scalp by releasing oils that ultimately reach your hair. Make sure to carefully brush your hair, especially when it is wet.

Lower your stress levels

Various studies have shown that high stress can lead to hair loss. This can be avoided by practicing yoga, meditation and stress relieving exercises.

Regularly change your pillows

It is advised to replace your cotton pillow covers with silk ones as silk covers tend to reduce friction, resulting in few hair tangles.

Try natural hair packs

Natural hair packs or hair masks are also important for making your hair healthy and ensuring their growth. Masks made from natural ingredients such as onion juice, coconut milk, honey, lemon, olive oil, aleo vera, etc. Not only provide nourishment to your hair but also boosts hair growth.

Protect your hair

It is important to keep your hair covered with a hat or a scarf when you go out, as extreme weather conditions tend to damage your hair.

Condition regularly

It is important to condition your hair after every wash. This is because a good conditioner helps to replace lipids and proteins in the hair. This help in the hair growth. Deep conditioned hair tends to be healthy, boasting volume and shine.

Drink water

Drinking water is essential not only for your entire body but also for your hair. Consumption of sufficient water will make sure the hair receives necessary hydration.

Avoid wrapping your hair in a towel

The common practice of wrapping your hair in a towel straight after you washed it must be avoided at all cost. This is because wet hair is very fragile and has greater tendency to break. You must always pat your hair dry with a towel to prevent hair damage.

These hair growth tips are quite beneficial for everyone as they are quite easy to follow and will ensure that your hair growth is increased.

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The Angelina Tearoom’s Exquisite Club Sandwiches

When in Paris, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a meal at the Angelina Tearoom. The magnificent ambiance and the excellent service, not to mention the fine quality of food choices makes for an incredibly luxurious Parisian experience.

Although it may sound so ordinary, the Angelina club sandwiches are way beyond your average sandwich. It’s the perfect meal or snack for a day of wandering around Paris. Our definite favorite is the Angelina Club Sandwich, which highlights a perfectly seasoned chicken fillet. It also contains smoked bacon, a hard boiled egg, and greens. On the side, you get a tomato and a choice between fries and lettuce hearts.

Another excellent option is the Scandinave, a club sandwich made of smoked salmon, hard boiled egg, greens, and goat cheese. This is perfect with a side of matchstick potatoes. If you prefer a simpler option, the Végétarien would be your best bet. This club sandwich is made of a hard boiled egg, avocado, cucumber, tomato, radish, and feta cheese cream. This is best ordered with a side of lettuce hearts.

After your choice of sandwich, sample the world-famous Angelina hot chocolate. This chocolate is so thick and rich that a single sip is pure bliss. To make the most out of your Angelina Tearoom experience, order the Mont-Blanc as well. This chestnut pastry has been their signature offering for over a century and is something that should definitely be sampled when in Paris.

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