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Month: July 2016

How to Dress When It’s Hot and Rainy Outside

youngfashion july 2016Living in New York can sometimes be a fashion nightmare, due to the mild rain showers in summer. With 90 degree days followed with rain, choosing an outfit that is fashionable yet one that gets you through a wet day can be particularly difficult. Here are 5 fashion tips that will help you get through the hot, rainy days.

Breathable fabrics – Breathable fabrics are a closet staple. Look for linen and cotton or blends with a little lycra for stretch. These fabrics will keep you cool and dry during the wet summer months.

A raincoat – Raincoats are a must, and now some in cool colours, with belts and button detailing. Go for a plain single colour or a striped rain coat. Look for ones that are lightweight and are lined with a cotton fabric. Easily foldable rain coats that come in a case are an added bonus.

An Umbrella – If a raincoat is not your thing, choose a fashion-forward umbrella. You could choose a classic black with a wooden handle or bubble transparent umbrella.

A trench dress – If carrying around outerwear is troublesome, choose a trench dress. This will give you the same benefits of staying dry without the extra layer.

Open toe shoes – If the weather is hot and wet it is best to opt for a pair of open toe shoes. That way if your feet do get wet, you can dry them off easily and still stay cool when the weather heats up.

8 Stat Beauty Secrets for Instant Results

Sometimes, we need to look good, stat, no waiting, no worries. We hear you, we get it and we got them.

1) SELF TANNER: A glowing self-tanner can help you look great in a hurry, and a number of beauty editors recommend Kiehl’s Sun-Free Self-Tanning Formula because it doesn’t make you too dark. It also doesn’t have that heavy odor that suggests you got your bronzed look from a bottle.

2) BLEMISH BANNER: While some recommend toothpaste as a way to neutralize a pimple that pops up out of nowhere, the Zeno Heat Treat Blemish Prevention Kit combines salicylic acid with a handheld heating device that helps kill off the pesky bacteria that are behind the zit in the first place.

3) QUICK CONCEALMENT: The Mini Miracle Eye Wand from Charlotte Tillbury not only hides eye bags with tinted microparticles, it also uses hyaluronic acid, proteins and cyclodextrins to smooth out the undereye area.

4) FAST FIRMING: When you need a quick pick-up for your skin, the Adore Cosmetics Skin-Tightening Instant Facelift uses an exclusive formulation made of plant stem cells and firming ingredients to make skin look tighter and smoother in a very short time.

5) ONE-STEP SHINE: Turn a bad hair day into a great hair day with just one lather of Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo. In one quick shot, it cleans, volumizes, smooths and strengths hair so your tresses look terrific.

6) BROW TAMER: When eyebrows get out of control, show them who’s boss with the Eyeko Brow Gel, which swipes on easily and makes your brows do your bidding—that is, make you look great in a few seconds.

7) LIGHT UP: Getting a quick glow is possible through the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector. None of those odd sparkles that look strange and fake, just a nice overall natural-looking shimmer in one quick step.

8) PORES NO MORE: No one likes seeing big pores staring out at you from the mirror, (maybe) mocking us. So put on Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner as a primer—before your makeup—to help reduce their appearance while minimizing shine.

Adore Cosmetics helps people adore their skin by pampering it with proven organic ingredients designed to handle wrinkles, dry skin, eye bags and other key skin care concerns. Read Adore Cosmetics reviews online at Adore Cosmetics.

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