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Packing for College: The Right Bedding Will Help Your Student Sleep Well

For many families, sending kids to college is a monumental step. As parents, we want them to be prepared and have everything they need to succeed while they are away, including some of the comforts of home. One of the most important purchases for students living on campus is college dorm bedding. Fortunately, there are a variety of options to fit almost any budget and any situation.

Because they must accommodate students of all sizes, most dorms feature extra-long twin beds. This is important to consider as you look for the right teen bedding. Many stores carry special back-to-school sets that include everything you need to sleep comfortably in a dorm: a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, a pillow case, and a comforter or blanket. These sets come in a wide range of colors, styles, and fabrics to help your student personalize and sleep comfortably in their space.

It is recommended that you buy two or more sets of sheets for the school year so that your student always has a fresh set on hand in case they are too busy to do laundry for a few weeks! The best fabric choices depend on your personal preference. 100% cotton is soft and stain-resistant, but it can also wrinkle more easily or shrink when it is washed. Poly/cotton blends, while not as soft as 100% cotton, are both durable and stain-resistant, making them a great choice for super-busy college students.

Many parents purchase foam mattress pads or covers to enhance the comfort of the dorm bed. You can also add fun extras such as colorful throw pillows or fuzzy blankets to brighten the space. Purchasing the right bedding will help your college student get a good night’s sleep and feel right at home.

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The Post-Dorm Bedroom: Coping with New found Maturity

Decorating for young adults can be a struggle. Trying to show pride in your first home or apartment without breaking the bank is already trouble enough. It’s hard not to feel a little old skipping over twin comforter sets to peruse the queens and kings, but you don’t have to go from 25 to 60 in one shopping trip. Here are a couple of easy to emulate styles that will help make your bedroom look more mature, but not –too – mature.


Out to Sea

Some old standards are fresh by nature. Nautical themes aren’t about anchors and seafood; try sheets in nautical colors with classic elements like pennants and stripes. Navy blues and crisp whites are a great combination. Try sheets with geometric aspects like stripes or bands of nautical colors to escape from the drab look of solid colored sheets and comforters. Naturally, Nautica bedding is a prime option; it’s not saturated with cliché imagery and can be adapted for a variety of looks over time.


Fourth Meal

If you’re looking for quirky, but not wacky, skip the girls and boys bedding and check out photorealistic accessories like pillows and wallpaper. These accent pieces really pop with humor and can be an interesting way to develop on or complicate a room theme. For example, a bed with simple sheets and a big hamburger pillow on top becomes a comical “plate” that can be quickly dressed down for company simply by removing the accent piece. This versatility will keep your parents happy when they come to visit.


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