Written by Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry

Along with mascara and eye shadow, eyeliner does wonders for the eyes. Sure, it enhances them, but it can also be used to alter the shape of your eyes and even make your eyelashes appear fuller. If you haven’t learned about the miracles of eyeliner, continue reading. The professionals at Cosmix Inc., one of the leading make up artistry schools in Florida, have unveiled the following three secrets to drawing the perfect eyeliner.

Know your eye shape. It’s easy to use eyeliner to correct both close-set eyes and wide-set eyes. To correct close-set eyes, draw a very thin line from the tear duct to nearly a third of the eye, then thicken the line starting from the middle of the eye to the outer eye. To correct wide-set eyes, thicken the eyeliner starting from the tear duct.

Know your eyeliner styles. There are three main styles of eyeliner: natural, fashion, and glamour eyeliner. Select a style based on the occasion. For everyday eyeliner, go for the natural look used to lift and enhance the eyes. For a dramatic look while out on the town, we recommend fashion eyeliner. Finally, use glamour eyeliner for special events, a date, or for photographs.

Know your eyeliner products. You don’t have to attend special FX makeup school to purchase a variety of eyeliner products. Every woman should have in their makeup bag different types of eyeliner products to use when appropriate. For example, if you want eyeliner that will take you from the office to happy hour and beyond, consider liquid eyeliner. The liquid products last longer than power or pencil eyeliners.
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