The models we see in the adverts or on the runway have perfectly toned bodies and definitely no muffin tops appearing over their jeans. But this is not the case with us normal human beings.  With the exception of the genetically blessed, we all find ourselves at some point in time with excessive fat bulging out of our cloths. With the present day obsession with being slim and perfectly toned, not being able to fit perfectly in to your clothing can be very distressing to some. Getting rid of the extra bulge is possible, but that takes dedication and very rigid discipline. Working out regularly and controlling you’re eating and drinking habits will slowly but surely get you in shape. But this is easier said than done for most of us who are too busy with jobs and families or just simply feeling lazy to hit the gym.  For all people fitting in to the latter description help is at hand in the form of Double Take Shapewear, which sells slimming shapewear which can take inches off your waist in a matter of minutes. Whatever the body part you are conscious of, they will have a solution for you; this includes body suits, waist cinchers, butt lifts and many such items to make you feel comfortable and confident of yourself. The Fajas Colombia is the most popular slimming shaper available in the market.  The meaning of “faja” being “wrap” this is similar to a girdle. Manufactured in Columbia this was originally used as a post-operative garment which later became one of the most sought after slimming shaper worn by women all over the world. Wearing one of these will give the wearer an hourglass figure while at the same time camouflaging any love handles.  The fajas are available in a variety of shapes and sizes including tight belly bands and full body jumpsuits to fit plus sizes as well, to give the wearer the much desired hourglass figure. Getting yourself in to one of these will not be easy, at least not for the first few days until you get accustomed to wearing one. It involves sqeezing your body into one and having it tightly fastened. Women in shapewear from the early days have endured hours of pain in the name of body perfection. At Double Take Shapewear you are sure to find a slimming shaper to fit your needs which will give you fantastic results and since they are made out of best quality material, it is a lot more comfortable to wear than its original counterpart. Not only for shaping your body, the Fajas Colombia is still used for post-operative purposes which make the recovery from surgery including liposuction, faster.

——————————————————————————————————————— Guest post provided by Double Take Shapewear: Be the woman you want to be and not let the extra pounds on you affect your confidence. Fajas Columbia will let you achieve that with minimum effort.