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5 Awesome clothing tips not to be missed

Most women will always have nothing to wear. Although this is common, it can sometimes cost you a lot of time and may leave you not feeling your best. Here are some tips to get your wardrobe moving in the right direction.

Old things – If you have clothes that are simply old or never worn, it is time to give them away or throw them out. You may find that donating clothes can leave you feeling relaxed and a neater wardrobe will help you think clearly.

A big event – If you have an event like a black-tie dinner or a wedding, start off with a few ideas of what type of look you want to achieve. Plan out the outfit, your accessories, hair, and makeup. Then look for discounts online in stores you frequently

Stretch new shoes painlessly – If you’ve brought a pair of heels which gives you callouses, look at placing it in the freezer to stretch it out. Start with placing zip lock bags with ice in your shoes and then placing your shoes in the freezer overnight. Then wear your shoes the next day to see the difference.

Dress up in a couple of seconds – Dressing quickly is a good habit to cultivate, since most people are time poor. Look at investing in a bow tie top or dress, add some clip on earrings and flats and you look dressed in seconds.

Be smart when you buy a jacket – When you buy a jacket, coat or a blazer, always make sure that it fits your shoulders. If it’s even a little too tight or too wide, leave it in the store since these items are impossible to alter.


What Does it Mean to Live an Organic Lifestyle?

Living an organic lifestyle means more than just eating organic vegetables. It means that you take concrete steps in your household, from choosing kids organic pajamas to looking at ways to reduce your consumption, that add up to a more sustainable lifestyle. Organic is about providing a better future, while still maintaining a lifestyle we’re used to.

Organic Basics

Before you jump into boys or girls organic pajamas, it’s helpful to start with some of the basics. Remember, organic is more than just a choice here or there, it’s a lifestyle. Begin with food, that basic resource we all share a need for. Switching to organic meats and vegetables (and reducing your consumption of meat), is a good first step.

One way to do this is to participate in meatless Monday, or to cook organic meals one day out of each week. This gets you thinking about how to buy ingredients you can share from meal to meal, and how to cook with fresh ingredients.


Girls and boys organic pajamas all carry labels that will certify clothing as organic based on certain third party organizations that review their manufacturing process. You can research these organizations to learn more about them, and how authoritative they are, which will help you determine which clothing is actually organic and which just use the organic buzzword.


Organic products can add up costs very quickly, and some of this is by design. Buying organic, or fair trade, usually means the cost you pay helps to fund some aspect of infrastructure. It may help improve access to water, support a fledgling town or help in other ways. When you buy organic, you’ll discover you need to pick and choose what will fit into your budget. That causes you to naturally downsize, thereby reducing your impact on the world around you.

Bio: KoraVera is a truly organic clothing company offering affordable girls and boys organic pajamas, with the mission of bringing awareness to the Beautiful Truth of a more sustainable future.

What is Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion is a term designers and retailers use to talk about clothes resembling catwalk wear, says Dev Randhawa. Fast fashion design and manufacturing companies quickly copy catwalk clothes, produce clothing items in mass, and distribute the clothes to retailers at low prices.

Typically, fast fashion captures the popular and current clothing trends. The practice of copying catwalk styles, producing similar wear in large quantities, and quickly releasing the products to the retail chain is quite widespread.

Copying Catwalk Looks

Fast fashion started to gather pace in the late 1990’s. Clothes manufacturers began to feel the of globalization, and there was the need to think of new ways to raise company profits. Many garment producers in Europe and America had to abandon the production of few, expensive, high-value wear to shift to low-priced, bulk production of clothes that almost everybody affords. Several manufacturers relocated to the developing world to take advantage of low overhead costs.

The Ever-Rising Popularity of Fast Fashion

Over the years, the concept of sudden manufacturing and distribution of catwalk-like clothes spread like bushfire. Of particular note is the “boho chic” wear of the vogue mid-2000s. High street stylish brands were continually under pressure from the low-cost clothing, which today includes T-shirts, underwear, trendy skirts, trousers, and even underwear. The fast fashion labels and collections traditionally come out in the autumn/winter and spring/summer seasons. Majority of the fast fashion clothes consumers are young people who desire to look like catwalk icons.

6 Packing tips that will change the way you pack

Article Written by : Stars Truck Extreme

Planning a weekend escape or a long holiday away may require some strategic planning. Not only do you want a variety of outfits to wear, but you also want to avoid taking unnecessary clutter. Here are some expert tips that will help you pack for your next holiday.

Sample size – Speak to your skin care specialist and ask them to give you a few sample sizes of your favorite The small sizes are suitable to carry in your carry-on luggage and will save you a lot more space in your checked luggage.

Drugstore solutions – Double sided tape is a good add on to ensure that your tops stay in place, especially if you decide not to wear a bra. Another item you should always carry is safety pins. They are great when your zipper or button comes undone.

Tote – A good sized tote is great to use as a carry-on and can double as a beach bag.

Shoes – You will only need one pair of heels, a pair of boots and a sandal or a pair of flats. If you intend on getting some exercise, add on a pair of runners.

Undergarments – Place your undergarments into your socks so that your undergarments stay in place.

Versatile pieces – Always include neutral staples like tanks in black, white and gray, as they go with almost anything. You can then add a pair of denim shorts or a skirt, and you have six different outfits.

How to dress to flatter your body

Article Written by : MMZ Online

Dressing to flatter your body will make you feel your best and send out the right impression to those around you. Here are some simple tips that will help you dress to flatter your body.

Don’t match too much – It is important to strike a good balance between contrasting combinations. This provides the wearer and the viewer with the right amount of complexity and interest.

Wear yellow – Yellow is said to lift the mood of the wearer and the mood of those around you.

Embrace a broad shoulder – Wide shoulders will offset wide hips and therefore create the visual illusion of a balanced frame. This illusion will also make your waist look smaller.

Go monochrome – To look slimmer, wear the same color, which will blur the dividing lines and make the wearer look slimmer.

Look for diagonal lines – Horizontal lines are slimming and vertical lines are widening, but diagonal stripes will give the illusion of a smaller waist.

Wear jewelry – Jewelry can emphasize a simple neckline or lift an outfit to look more expensive.

Carry a bag – A bag can make an outfit seem well put together and sometimes draw attention away from an otherwise simple outfit. Choose one with embellishments for added appeal.

High heels – High heels will give the illusion of height and help balance your frame. Just remember to invest in pairs that are comfortable.


How to dress for a day date

Article Written by : Luxury Body Jewelry

Day dates can be tricky since you want to not look too overdressed, but still well put together for the event. Here are some combinations that will make your decision on what to wear a whole lot easier.

For a lunch with his parents – This needs a dress with enough coverage to make it look modest. Choose a dress with a cap sleeve or a mid length sleeve. Your dress should hit your knees and not be too clingy. Choose a skater dress with a light floral print. Pair this with a nude pump and across body bag in a similar shade. Make sure your makeup and hair are natural and not over done.

A late afternoon date that can lead well into the evening – A floral bodycon dress is perfect for afternoon dates. Make sure yours is over the knee but not too short. Pair this with a light denim jacket and a pair of sandals or ballerinas.

Lunch date with his family – These events can start early or at noon and often end up finishing at 6pm. Choose a maxi dress that is comfortable. Floral prints or a simple neutral light shade will work best for such an event. Match your outfit with a pair of flat sandals or if you need height, a pair of wedge heels, which will offer comfort and style. Accessories with simple earrings and a cross body bag to finish off the look.


How to Dress When It’s Hot and Rainy Outside

youngfashion july 2016Living in New York can sometimes be a fashion nightmare, due to the mild rain showers in summer. With 90 degree days followed with rain, choosing an outfit that is fashionable yet one that gets you through a wet day can be particularly difficult. Here are 5 fashion tips that will help you get through the hot, rainy days.

Breathable fabrics – Breathable fabrics are a closet staple. Look for linen and cotton or blends with a little lycra for stretch. These fabrics will keep you cool and dry during the wet summer months.

A raincoat – Raincoats are a must, and now some in cool colours, with belts and button detailing. Go for a plain single colour or a striped rain coat. Look for ones that are lightweight and are lined with a cotton fabric. Easily foldable rain coats that come in a case are an added bonus.

An Umbrella – If a raincoat is not your thing, choose a fashion-forward umbrella. You could choose a classic black with a wooden handle or bubble transparent umbrella.

A trench dress – If carrying around outerwear is troublesome, choose a trench dress. This will give you the same benefits of staying dry without the extra layer.

Open toe shoes – If the weather is hot and wet it is best to opt for a pair of open toe shoes. That way if your feet do get wet, you can dry them off easily and still stay cool when the weather heats up.

6 Tips on how to wear a wrap skirt like a pro

youngfashion.coIf you’re going on holiday to warmer weather or getting ready for summer and looking to show a bit more leg, a wrap skirt could be just what your wardrobe needs. The wrap skirt is a good mix of conservativeness and playfulness. It is also versatile, as it can go from office to after work cocktails. Here are 6 outfit ideas on how to best wear a wrap skirt.

Detail – To get your wrap skirt noticed, make sure you include a funky belt with a nice buckle. Your belt will also give you the ability to change the tightness of your skirt.

Mix color and patterns – A wrap skirt with a fun print, can be used as day wear or dressed up with heels for a night out. Reversible options, give you two skirts in one.

Trade black for navy – For a work appropriate wrap skirt, opt for a navy hue.

Select a good quality fabric – Choose from suede, to soft leather in camel. The fabric will drape well on a wrap skirt and project a luxe feel.

Add some sparkle – For a day to night look, wear a sequin mini wrap skirt with a simple button down cardigan in a neutral shade. Match it with a pair of flats for day wear and switch to a pair of heels at night.

Statement shoes – Wrap skirts can come in modest lengths. To add height and draw attention to your legs, wear a knee high lace up sandal or a fancy pair of high heels.

Essential Denim tips

youngfashionInvesting in an expensive pair of jeans can be worthwhile, since you can pair it with almost anything or any occasion. With prices over $200, taking care of your jeans is important to ensure they stay in good condition. Some people say washing your jeans by hand is best, others say use the machine, while some others don’t wash their jeans at all and only opt for dry cleaning them. Here are some tips to prolong the life of your jeans.

Raw denim needs at least 6 months to to contour to the shape of your body. Therefore to maintain the best shape, avoid washing them for a few months. If you have a pre washed pair (these are jeans that look faded), you can wash them when they start to sag or get stained.

To get rid of the smell between washes, hang your jeans near the shower. The steam will help to freshen them up. If that’s not possible, you can freeze your jeans for 2 days in a ziplock bag.

To stop your jeans from losing their color, always wash them in cold water inside out. (Use a mild detergent)

If you have a dark pair of jeans, include a half cup of distilled white vinegar, at the final rise stage of your wash.

Lay/hang your jeans flat or upside down to dry. Always air dry your jeans or turn the heat at the lowest setting on your dryer. Try to remove your jeans before they are completely dry.

Choosing Fall Jackets For Women

Written by Jacket Society

Fall is generally accompanied with the first chills of the year and a jacket would be crucial when going out. When choosing the ideal jacket for fall, you would need to consider whether you would be receiving adequate protection from the material chosen. Moreover, when it comes to keeping warm, if the right material is chosen, the jacket would no longer need to be bulky and uncomfortable. The tips below might come handy in choosing the best jacket for fall.


Polyester and acrylic are found almost everywhere and these materials are still trendy. For fall, opting for jackets that have close fit would yield the best effect and not bulk up the body. These types of jackets look good on almost all body types and the material does not require extra care, making it easy to maintain.

Faux leather

Leather and the synthetic version is always considered as a timeless material. While faux leather might have gone out of style in the nineties, in recent years, it has been brought back to life through modern designs in blazers for women. For a trendy look, you might want to opt for a charcoal grey faux leather jacket.


Wool is by far the most widespread material when it comes to beating the cold weather. For this coming season, preferred colors would be burgundy tones. Double-breasted jackets are perfect for cold seasons due to the extra protection that they provide.

Jacket Society is an online fashion start up. Their website features advices on choosing designer jackets for women as well as a selection of FALL JACKETS FOR WOMEN.

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