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Month: October 2014

How to dress for your first date

The easiest way to stand out on your first date is to make yourself more attractive. To do that, you have to make sure you get the clothing side right. Forget brands and trend, think about how they fit. You want to look confident, so be sure to go for clothes that fit you perfectly. A lot of people do not take these advices seriously, but think about it. Do you really want to send the wrong message on the first date itself?

One thing you can’t easily change, unfortunately, is your body shape. So be sure to take that into consideration when choosing your outfit. Think of it as branding yourself. Each outfit will attract different types of persons.

Of course, stay away from your cheesy tops. Some guys might like a chick with attitude, but what if your date is not of that kind. You don’t want to spend an awkward one, right? So go for something more subtle.

Also, bear in mind that most guys will appreciate your outfit as long as it shows you’ve put some time into choosing it. Sometimes it’s just a case of matching the right colors.

Lastly, be sure to get the right shoes. Don’t spend too much time trying to match your date’s height. Go with something comfortable. If you’re comfortable wearing heels, by all means, go for them. However, make sure that you’re not going bowling and also, you might want to keep those attractive high red heels for a later date…

Sweet Sixteen Gifts for a Girl’s Bedroom

By BeddingStyle

Summary: Buying gifts for a sweet sixteen doesn’t have to be a difficult affair.

A girl’s sweet sixteen is a special time in her life. It’s more than just extra gifts, celebrations can range from formal gathering at big ball rooms to casual affairs arranged at someone’s home. Still, the message is the same: it’s a time to acknowledge the coming of age of young people. A sweet sixteen is an excellent opportunity to present girls with a gift that reflects a more mature outlook on the world, as opposed to games and toys.


Sweet sixteen parties are marked by intimate moments and sometimes tearful acknowledgments that our kids are growing up. In this vein, it might be worthwhile to pass down a family heirloom like jewelry or a quilt.

New Bedding

Girls bedding can be a good gift for the young lady with an eye for style. You can typically tell if your child might fit into this category, with color-coded everything and patterns galore. Something subtle and tasteful to match their style will help them now and into their college years. It’s a small gesture you can make that will stay with them for a long time to come.

Matching Sets

Vera Wang bedding matches well with the bathroom sets of the same brand. Matching brands also gives you the chance to coordinate gifts with other guests, which simplifies the shopping process for everyone.

Final Thoughts

Brand names, like Laura Ashley bedding, always have a wide variety of styles and thread counts to choose from. If you decide to color coordinate, consider curtains and rugs too.


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