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Month: November 2015

Maximizing Your Budget on an Engagement Ring

Written by Cynthia Findlay Antiques.

Buying an engagement ring should be one of the happiest moments of a person’s life. However, for many men it’s a moment of stress and aggravation, especially when it comes to finances. Despite what some in the jewellery industry have suggested, you don’t need to spend several months’ salary on a ring in order to get a stunning and special piece that your partner will cherish.

You can shop smart and maximize your budget while still purchasing a stunning engagement ring. Here’s a few ways you can do this:

Choose ring types that favor smaller gems. Not every engagement ring has to focus on a single diamond. Many items such as Art Deco rings are beautiful because of intricate or bold use of elements in the band as much as with the gem. Focus on the overall beauty of the ring rather than the sheer size of the stone.

Consider vintage rings. In many instances, you can get a vintage engagement ring that is significantly more affordable than what you might pay for a new ring with a similar size and cut of diamond. These rings are often even more treasured by women because of their history and unique look. You’ll need to be vigilant in finding estate jewellery but the search often pays off with the reward of an affordable, one-of-a-kind ring.

Consider other precious gems. Some of the most stunning engagement rings in the world don’t have a single diamond on them. There are plenty of opulent and eye-catching engagement rings that use alternatives to diamonds such as pearls, rubies or topaz.


Cynthia Findlay Antiques has been helping customers find the right vintage and custom jewellery in Toronto since 1978. Today, the collection is available for purchase at a 6,000-square-foot space in downtown Toronto and at the jeweller’s website.


4 Tips to Help You Buy the Right Watch

Watches are definitely one of the most understated fashion pieces. Not only do they add a bit of urgency to your dressing but it adds a bit of flavor to your fashion style.

As you know this already, there are different types of watches for various dress styles. These vary from the ones that suit the military to even underwater diving.

Here are 4 tips to buying the right watch:

1: Inexpensive watches are just as good

It isn’t necessary to buy watches that are extremely expensive. There are a number of brands that are affordable that can save you enough money to spend it on other fashion items, if necessary

2: Watches for that “classic” look

If you’re the type that enjoys wearing clothes that are of the classic variety, there are plenty of watches that can go along with this type of wear. Some watches much like the Rolex Submariner have been around for almost 20 years. What’s heartening to note is that these watches are vintage styled but also less expensive than other modern day watches.

3: Wrist watch options for athletes

Athletes usually prefer wristbands over actual wristwatches. Of course, if you need to time your workouts and exercises, then letting go of these wristbands in advisable for certain wristwatches. Probably, the best option for this is the Apple Watch given its functionality and stylish exterior.

4: Watches for the eccentric

A number of fashion shows exhibit watches that look ‘different’. There are a number of low priced watches that you can select from. Most of them will sync with a number of outfits that you choose to wear. For example, watches that look futuristic go well with graphic tees and sneakers too.

How to Get Your Best Figure in Minutes


It’s never easy being a woman. Society places some pretty stringent demands on you in every single area of your life. On top of all this, you’re still expected to look your best no matter what. This is especially true when you go out and want to show off your best figure.

FemmeBasics1While a good diet, exercise and quality sleep are all important, many women would like a little extra help. They know it would go a long way toward helping their self-esteem. To do this, they should consider purchasing a waist trainer.

Though it’s a relatively small investment, the finished product is definitely worth it. Whether you go with the best waist cincher or something a bit more affordable, you won’t break the bank, but you’ll definitely turn heads.

There’s no need to quit working out or ditch your health habits, but these products can go a very long way toward helping you get an extra boost of confidence when you need it most.

Women all over the world have discovered their best shape just by using this one simple product. You can do the same by purchasing yours today and wearing it out immediately. Don’t be surprised if you start receiving immediate compliments!


If you hope to look your best, let Femme Basics help. Simply wear a Waist Cincher from this site or any of the other products they sell and you’ll be surprised how quickly you look amazing.

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