Written by: A Fashionable Mind

Being fashionable is something that often needs to be worked on. Some rules need to be abided by and fortunately we get to learn a lot from stars and fashion magazines. The tips below might help you channel your inner fashionista and mesmerize on your next glam night out.

Show Skin Strategically

If might be easy to look sexy but not so easy to remain fashionable at the same time. By strategically choosing which part of your body to bare and which part to keep hidden, you would not only look classy but you would also look mysterious. For instance, if you decide to show your shoulders, keep the other parts of your body covered and opt for a long dress. Similarly, if you wish to show some cleavage, do not show your legs.

White Button-Downs

White button downs are classic as they elevate your pair of jeans and keep your skirts classy. However, these pieces have limited life in your wardrobe and tend to yellow quickly. A good idea would be to buy several of these and to avoid over bleaching them.

 photo white-button-down-shirt_li_zpsb7hqf1mn.jpgBright Color Accessories

If your wardrobe tend to contain a lot of neutrals such as camel, gray, navy or black, you might want to add some energy to your look by opting for accessories in bright shades. You might also want to wear neutral clothes with bags and shoes of two different but complementary colors.

Invest In Stretch

If you have curves you might already known that Lycra spandex is the way to go if you are seeking form fitting jeans and T’s.