The grunge look is that style which we inherited from the late 80s and 90s. Grunge makes us think of bands such as Nirvana and Alice in Chains. However, grunge in fashion, has been a recurring theme and the below tips will help you to get that grunge look!

Choosing your top
Choose a top a size larger than what you would actually wear. To channel the grunge look, avoid bright colors like plague! Instead choose muted colors or go for black.

Flannel shirt
The flannel shirt is the key piece to any grunge look, whether you wear it with jean or over a baby doll skirt. Again opt for muted colors.

Ripped and faded denims are essential elements of a grunge wardrobe. Usually, store bought faded jeans would not create the same effect as compared to if you had ripped your own jeans. This makes for a good DIY activity as well.

Invest in high-top shoes such as Converse and Doc Marten boots.

Consider wearing ripped stocking or stockings made to look ripped. This will complement your high-top shoes or boots.

Grunge is not about wearing too much jewelry. For earrings, go for something simple and small. Wear leather bracelets or simple braided bracelets in dark colors like grey, black or brown.

Thrift stores
If you cannot find clothing elements that look used or worn out enough to give you that grunge look, try thrift stores. These places are packed full of genuinely vintage stuff. You might find just the right hightop shoes or flannel shirts there.