Summary: Practicing good cleaning habits with your contact lenses is extremely important for the health of your eyes.

One of the most, if not the most, important parts of wearing contact lenses is cleaning them appropriately to avoid infection, irritation, and injury. This guide is designed to showcase the important of proper hygiene and cleaning habits when handling contact lenses.

Keep Them in a Clean Case

When storing your contact lenses, it’s essential to keep them in a clean case void of dust, dirt, and bacteria. Many users tend to toss their contact lenses inside the case without changing out the solution, but instead pouring new solution on top of it thinking nothing of it. But, this can cause a plethora of problems that can be detrimental to the health of your eye. Worst of all, if users forget to close the lens case, dust can get caught inside, along with the natural oils that come from your fingers.

When you place these dirty contact lenses into your eyes, it can cause severe irritation and even an infection if you don’t take care of the solution. Be sure that you clean the case thoroughly and toss the old solution after every use.

Use the Appropriate Solution

While it might seem reasonable to rinse your contact lenses with clean water before applying solution, it’s actually not recommended. The solution that you purchase in your local retail store or pharmacy is specially formulated for your contact lenses and are designed to keep them clean and safe to use. Bottled or filtered water is not designed for use with your lenses. Using it can result in severe dryness along with particle build-up that’s not meant to be in your eyes.

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