A pixie haircut is a great feminine style, that is easy to maintain. Many celebrities like Halle Berry, Charlize Theron and Kate Mara have looked stunning in their pixie dos. But, If you’ve always had long hair and have now decided to go pixie short, you might have to rethink your style of dressing and accessorizing. Here are a few tips for rocking your new pixie.

Choose feminine styles – If your style is more tailored and minimalistic, you will need to buy a few pieces to create a feminine vibe. This means flowery prints, bows and ruffles, which are fun and feminine. You could also invest in a few skirts from high waisted, flared to mini’s. Dresses are also a great easy way to look stylish yet feminine. If you choose plain colors opt for pinks or peaches, light yellows and powder blues. A classic skater dress paired with heels and your pixie, can really make a statement.

Make up- With longer locks you probably could get away with a little eyeliner. But once you’ve gone pixie, you really need to make sure your makeup is on point. With a pixie, your face is very exposed and it’s the very first thing people will see. Invest in a good liquid foundation and cream blusher. You will also need to neaten your brows. Liquid Eyeliner and Mascara is a must. If you’re heading out, a simple cat’s eye will really make your eyes pop.

Accessories- Gone are the days when your earrings are hidden. You can now where little diamante studs or go for a long pair of dangly earrings.