Heels are elements of our wardrobe that we often rant about but can’t do without. We love the effect that heels have on our legs and the below tips could help you improve the way you wear them.

1. Test your heels beforehand
If you have bought a special pair for an upcoming event, test them by wearing them around the house or to run errands. This will help you figure out if you would be needing cushioning or protection on your feet in certain places where there might be eventual rubs.

2. Scuff the sole of your shoes
There’s nothing worse than wearing brand new high heels on a smooth and slippery floor. A simple solution to prevent this is to scuff your shoe soles with sandpaper or walking on rough materials such as gravel. You can also apply a silicone rubber coating compound to make your soles less slippery.

3. Keep a straight posture and be confident
Walk elegantly and gracefully with your legs extended with each step. This will make you look coordinated and confident.

4. Take small breaks
Take a break from the dance floor or standing up chats by sitting down every 30 minutes or so. This will take some of the pressure off your toes and your feet would be able to last longer at the party.

5. Sign up for yoga or pilates
A long run solution to walking better in heels is to sign up for yoga or pilates classes. These exercises will improve your balance and strengthen your core muscles.