In Hollywood one of the most prolific industries is fashion designing. Both men and women want to be wearing the latest fashions when they walked down the red carpet. That means that each designer must stay on top of the trends that are very popular now. Certain colors are popular for various reasons. The styles of those expensive dresses that actresses wear change frequently.

It can be quite stressful to be a fashion designer in Hollywood. For that reason, a great number of today’s busy designers are using meditation to help relieve their stress. Some have publicly spoken about how they usually ask their employees to use meditation as well. If you work in a fast pace environment, then meditation could be a great way to relieve tension. And it’s easy to learn this ancient practice.

Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue contains numerous wise sayings, such as:

“You travel all over the world just to find a path back to your own heart.”

If you would like to begin, then check out the various types of meditation and choose one that seems like something you might enjoy. Next set up a quiet place in your home or office. Don’t forget to include relaxing music and light a few candles for better ambiance. You’ll also find a good selection of meditation clothing online these days.

Zhang Xinyue has other quotes from her book:

“The reason why you have not attained what you desire is that you set your wish frequency at one that cannot resonate within you.”