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The best place to have Mont Blanc in Paris

Article submitted by Cécile Zarokian

There is no doubt that Paris is famous for its wide selection of patisseries, desserts, cakes and chocolatiers, all over the world. You can plan a visit to the famous Angelina Tea House in Paris and enjoy these delectable treats.

One of the most famous desserts is the Mont Blanc. This delectable and mouth-watering pudding is characterized by its unique dome of chestnut cream vermicelli that is covered by a base of meringue and whipped cream. This sweet dessert first originated in France in early 1620. However, now this exquisite dessert has been replicated and re-invented by some of the most famous patisseries in Paris ever since. Although, you can enjoy this dessert at several places in Paris, but Angelina tea house offers the best Mont Blanc in Paris.

Angelina tea house is unarguably the most famous place in Paris to offer the Mont Blanc dessert and it is the patisserie’s signature pastry. The venue has built up a prestigious reputation since it was founded in 1903 and is popular with visitors and locals alike for its exquisite creations. It is traditionally made with meringue covered with whipped cream and chestnut crème vermicelli. You should try this during your stay in Paris. You can even get some of it packed and take it with you, to enjoy at home.

Do not forget to treat your taste buds to the mouth-watering Mont Blanc, during your next visit to Paris.

Top Signs That You May Need to Visit an Eye Doctor

Summary: Eye exams are far more important than people make them out to be. Here are some common signs that indicate a bigger problem may be occurring behind-the-scenes.

Whether you wear eyeglasses or have never experienced a decrease in vision, you probably do not think about the health and quality of your eyes on a daily basis. It becomes somewhat of an afterthought in the web of other health concerns. However, most people tend to experience some changes in their eyesight over time, even if these changes are minor.

Having regular eye exams is extremely important in the early part of a diagnosis of eye conditions, vision correction, and overall safety. Here are some signs that you may need to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor.

Eye Infection

Eye exams aren’t just for vision correction – they also give your eye doctor a chance to evaluate the overall health of your eyes. While minor eye infections go away on their own, many are contagious and come with the risk of permanent blindness. If are experiencing discomfort, redness, or discharge, contact your eye doctor today.

Constant headaches or Migraines

Headaches can result from a multitude of factors like stress, inflammation, and tension, but they can also be warning signs that your vision is changing. If you notice more headaches or an increase in headache intensity, visit your local eye doctor.

Eye Fatigue

Eye strain or fatigue can occur for a large number of reasons, including spending hours in front of a smartphone, computer, or television. However, if the discomfort you feel persists for longer than three days, the eye strain may be hinting a larger problem.

Moreover, if you notice your eyes are hurting during specific movements, such as looking from Justify to right, you may want to speak with your eye doctor to get to the bottom of it.

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How to Correctly Clean Your Contact Lenses

Summary: Practicing good cleaning habits with your contact lenses is extremely important for the health of your eyes.

One of the most, if not the most, important parts of wearing contact lenses is cleaning them appropriately to avoid infection, irritation, and injury. This guide is designed to showcase the important of proper hygiene and cleaning habits when handling contact lenses.

Keep Them in a Clean Case

When storing your contact lenses, it’s essential to keep them in a clean case void of dust, dirt, and bacteria. Many users tend to toss their contact lenses inside the case without changing out the solution, but instead pouring new solution on top of it thinking nothing of it. But, this can cause a plethora of problems that can be detrimental to the health of your eye. Worst of all, if users forget to close the lens case, dust can get caught inside, along with the natural oils that come from your fingers.

When you place these dirty contact lenses into your eyes, it can cause severe irritation and even an infection if you don’t take care of the solution. Be sure that you clean the case thoroughly and toss the old solution after every use.

Use the Appropriate Solution

While it might seem reasonable to rinse your contact lenses with clean water before applying solution, it’s actually not recommended. The solution that you purchase in your local retail store or pharmacy is specially formulated for your contact lenses and are designed to keep them clean and safe to use. Bottled or filtered water is not designed for use with your lenses. Using it can result in severe dryness along with particle build-up that’s not meant to be in your eyes.

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What Eye Conditions Are You At Risk for When Wearing Contact Lenses?

Summary: There are a number of eye conditions that can occur when wearing contact lenses. Here are some of the most common ones.

Your eyes carry a heavy workload throughout the day. However, many people do not realize just how fragile they really are. An injury sustained to the eye can be more impactful than they are to other parts of the body.

For example, a small cut on your finger can be painful but can be treated with over-the-counter antiseptic and a bandage. Your eyes on the other hand, when suffering from a similar injury, can have far more severe consequences. With that being said, it is important to understand the various types of conditions and what can potentially cause them.

Fuzzy Vision

If you are experience blurriness or fuzziness when your contacts are on, it could be a sign of either dry eyes or improper lens cleaning. Seeing as your contacts are designed to fit your specific condition to clear up your vision, blurry vision may be a sign that your lenses have not been cleaned well enough before use. It may also be a sign that you contacts are old and should be tossed away.

Red Eyes and Itchiness

If your eyes are looking red and feeling itchy, you may have an infection. However, do not automatically assume that just because they’re a bit uncomfortable that you have a serious infection. As bacteria spreads throughout the body, your body naturally fights back and repels them.

The bacteria will initially feel slimy but can turn crusty after it dries out. An optometrist can examine your eyes and take an in-depth look into whether you need antibacterial drops or other forms of medical treatment. Be sure to consult with a doctor before using any over-the-counter drops to treat your issues.

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Increase your hair growth with these tips

Hair is usually associated with beauty, attractiveness and self-confidence. Therefore, most of us are always looking for different ways of making their hair look great and healthy. We have compiled several simple and easy tips that will help your hair grow faster and become thicker and stronger.

Healthy and balanced diet

A healthy and balanced diet comprising of leafy green vegetables, fish, fruits, nuts, seeds, and other protein sources is essential for increased hair growth. This is because a healthy diet will provide nourishment not only to our body but also to our hair. Consumption of proteins is especially important for revitalizing the hair.

Regularly massage your scalp

It is important that you gently massage your scalp with your fingertips, at least once a week. Massaging not only stimulates blood circulation but also ensures that enough moisture is provided to the roots, thus making the hair strong. Coconut oil is a great option to use for massaging, as it is a natural hair conditioner and is full of essential nutrients.

Avoid washing hair too often

This tip is important as regularly washing your hair with shampoo can make your hair lose its natural oils, thus making it dry. Therefore, it is advised to wash your hair with a chemical-free shampoo, not more than two times a week.

regularly trim your hair

It is advised that you should get yourself a haircut at least after every three months. This will help to get rid of split ends as they prevent the growth and health of hair by causing hair thinning and breakage. This will ultimately lead to balanced hair growth.

Avoid brushing too often

You must make sure that your hair is not excessively brushed. There is no doubt that brushing stimulates the scalp by releasing oils that ultimately reach your hair. Make sure to carefully brush your hair, especially when it is wet.

Lower your stress levels

Various studies have shown that high stress can lead to hair loss. This can be avoided by practicing yoga, meditation and stress relieving exercises.

Regularly change your pillows

It is advised to replace your cotton pillow covers with silk ones as silk covers tend to reduce friction, resulting in few hair tangles.

Try natural hair packs

Natural hair packs or hair masks are also important for making your hair healthy and ensuring their growth. Masks made from natural ingredients such as onion juice, coconut milk, honey, lemon, olive oil, aleo vera, etc. Not only provide nourishment to your hair but also boosts hair growth.

Protect your hair

It is important to keep your hair covered with a hat or a scarf when you go out, as extreme weather conditions tend to damage your hair.

Condition regularly

It is important to condition your hair after every wash. This is because a good conditioner helps to replace lipids and proteins in the hair. This help in the hair growth. Deep conditioned hair tends to be healthy, boasting volume and shine.

Drink water

Drinking water is essential not only for your entire body but also for your hair. Consumption of sufficient water will make sure the hair receives necessary hydration.

Avoid wrapping your hair in a towel

The common practice of wrapping your hair in a towel straight after you washed it must be avoided at all cost. This is because wet hair is very fragile and has greater tendency to break. You must always pat your hair dry with a towel to prevent hair damage.

These hair growth tips are quite beneficial for everyone as they are quite easy to follow and will ensure that your hair growth is increased.

Article by Danie’s Beauty Salon. Look to them for your next haircut or even for facial hair removal in Glendale, CA.

The Angelina Tearoom’s Exquisite Club Sandwiches

When in Paris, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a meal at the Angelina Tearoom. The magnificent ambiance and the excellent service, not to mention the fine quality of food choices makes for an incredibly luxurious Parisian experience.

Although it may sound so ordinary, the Angelina club sandwiches are way beyond your average sandwich. It’s the perfect meal or snack for a day of wandering around Paris. Our definite favorite is the Angelina Club Sandwich, which highlights a perfectly seasoned chicken fillet. It also contains smoked bacon, a hard boiled egg, and greens. On the side, you get a tomato and a choice between fries and lettuce hearts.

Another excellent option is the Scandinave, a club sandwich made of smoked salmon, hard boiled egg, greens, and goat cheese. This is perfect with a side of matchstick potatoes. If you prefer a simpler option, the Végétarien would be your best bet. This club sandwich is made of a hard boiled egg, avocado, cucumber, tomato, radish, and feta cheese cream. This is best ordered with a side of lettuce hearts.

After your choice of sandwich, sample the world-famous Angelina hot chocolate. This chocolate is so thick and rich that a single sip is pure bliss. To make the most out of your Angelina Tearoom experience, order the Mont-Blanc as well. This chestnut pastry has been their signature offering for over a century and is something that should definitely be sampled when in Paris.

Three Gentle Ways to Remove Facial Hair

Of all beauty treatments, facial hair removal is among the least pleasant activities. But it doesn’t have to be this challenging. Choose the best removal method for your hair needs, type, and preferences.

If you want to remove unwanted facial hair, don’t fret, we’re here to help. Here are some popular facial hair removal techniques to consider.


Here, you have an option between soft and hard wax. Hard wax stiffens and can be removed on its own. You’ll need to use cloth strips to remove soft wax.

A waxing expert can remove facial hairs from your cheeks, upper lip, chins, and brow with ease. Always read online reviews before visiting a new waxing salon. Your facial skin will thank you.


An expert like those at Danie’s Beauty Salon, uses a thread to pluck the hair out from the root. The technique is most popular for removing eyebrows. But you can use it almost anywhere on your face. Such include cheeks, upper lip, and sideburns.

A complete threading on your eyebrows will take no more than 20 minutes. Its results will last between four to six weeks.


Dermaplaning is an antiaging treatment with a bonus of removing facial hair. It utilizes a flat razor to scrape off skin’s top layer. It helps skin cells with hyperpigmentation.

Dermaplaning removes hair on your skin surface. It’s super trendy and leaves your face feeling super smooth. The good thing, it’s not painful.

You can do the exercise on your own or involve an expert in facial hair removal in Glendale, CA.

5 Awesome clothing tips not to be missed

Most women will always have nothing to wear. Although this is common, it can sometimes cost you a lot of time and may leave you not feeling your best. Here are some tips to get your wardrobe moving in the right direction.

Old things – If you have clothes that are simply old or never worn, it is time to give them away or throw them out. You may find that donating clothes can leave you feeling relaxed and a neater wardrobe will help you think clearly.

A big event – If you have an event like a black-tie dinner or a wedding, start off with a few ideas of what type of look you want to achieve. Plan out the outfit, your accessories, hair, and makeup. Then look for discounts online in stores you frequently

Stretch new shoes painlessly – If you’ve brought a pair of heels which gives you callouses, look at placing it in the freezer to stretch it out. Start with placing zip lock bags with ice in your shoes and then placing your shoes in the freezer overnight. Then wear your shoes the next day to see the difference.

Dress up in a couple of seconds – Dressing quickly is a good habit to cultivate, since most people are time poor. Look at investing in a bow tie top or dress, add some clip on earrings and flats and you look dressed in seconds.

Be smart when you buy a jacket – When you buy a jacket, coat or a blazer, always make sure that it fits your shoulders. If it’s even a little too tight or too wide, leave it in the store since these items are impossible to alter.


Wardrobe essentials for busy moms

Essentials in a mom’s wardrobe are a must as they help working moms to look their best when they need to get out the door in a hurry. Here are some key essentials that every mom should own.

A pair of great fitting jeans – Every mom should own at least one pair of fitted jeans that fits them perfectly. Since a good pair of jeans can be worn for almost any occasion, look at a pair in a dark wash that is wearable for both casual and formal events. Slimmer moms should opt for a couple of skinny jeans, while plus-size moms who carry weight on their hips can look for straighter legged jeans to balance proportions.

Cardigan – Cardigans are comfortable and flattering. Look at a super warm boyfriend sweater or a traditional cardigan that can be worn with a belt.

Tees and tanks – A few basic tee and tanks will help you mix and match your outfits with ease.

A white button-down shirt – A white button down shirt is great to wear with jeans, shorts or pants. Look at a button down that fits you perfectly and one that has less detailing to offer more versatility.

A structured blazer – A structured blazer will help you add interest and warmth to your favorite T-shirt or dress. Look at a form-fitting blazer that is the right length for your height and shape.


5 tips on what to wear for your office christmas party

Office christmas parties are a great way to bound and share the christmas cheer. Choosing an outfit however can be a difficult task. You don’t want to come across as a bore to your colleagues and clients, but you don’t want to go over the top either. Hopefully the following guides will make your decision a lot easier.

Wear a jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are chic, very comfortable and can easily go from work to eveningwear. Go for a solid colour, strips or a small print.

Wear a dress

choose a dress that has a metallic finish or is sequinned. Dress it down with simple accessories.

Pants with a Chic top

Pants are a great way to go from work to a work event. You could pair a plain pair of pants either a black, grey or beige with a top. Wrap blouses are a great choice, since they are comfortable and are good at hiding a tummy.

Wear a skirt

You could opt for a feminine skirt. Pair it with the simple white shirt or a fitted top. Choose from a knee length pencil skirt to a flared 80’s style skirt. Just make sure you wear a nice pair of high heeled pumps.

Add some shine

If you’re on a budget, opt for a simple black shift or a black pant suit but dress it up for the season with pretty jewellery or a glitzy clutch. You could also add a pair of statement shoes to complete your look.

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