youngfashionMost women admire a constantly polished look. However, this trait may not be inherently ingrained in some of us, it is one that can be cultivated. A put-together look, will boost your confidence and impress whomever is around you. Here are 6 tricks for looking polished all the time.

Keep your accessories free of scuff marks – Scratches on your favourite handbag or wallet can give a worn out look. Instead ensure that your daily accessories are stored carefully and that you give them a clean and polish once a month.

Good posture – Avoid slouching and hiding your height. Do your best to maintain good posture at all times.

Keep your manicure fresh – If getting a manicure every other day is out of your price range, opt for doing your nails at home. Keep the colours simple and look for pastels, nudes or rich reds. Make sure you polish your nails as soon as you notice any chips.

Layering – To give your outfit instant polish, buy a few blazers, jackets and scarves. These will give your outfit interest and freshen older pieces.

No wrinkles – Always iron or use an at home steamer to take out creases from your outfits. The best way to maintain a well ironed look, is to include a little bit of spray stiffener on your clothes before pressing.

Keep a few polished looks in mind – Have a few outfits on hand, that are well put together. This will save you time, when you are in a hurry.