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Month: September 2016

Five fashion resolutions to work towards

Each of these small pledges offers big results that can take your wardrobe from ordinary to extraordinary.

Spend wisely – spend your money on classic pieces that will add to your wardrobe and blend well with most of your pieces. Remember, that if you spend on an outfit that you can get more mileage out of, you are definitely making a saving.

Sort out your closet – Start with getting your wardrobe space organized to make sure that you know what you have in your closet. You can begin by separating your outfits into work, casual and going-out wear. These categories can be further organized by color. It is best to hang your items as they will be easier to pick out than a stack of folded clothes.

Take a risk – It is good to have a sense of what suits you best but remember that moving out of your comfort zone can be exciting. Therefore, buy something that you usually wouldn’t wear, but have always wanted to try.

Find your personal style – Get an idea of what you like wearing most and make a note of your favorite styles, shapes and colors. This will make shopping a whole lot easier and make getting dressed a breeze.

Check your fit – Items like heels, bras and shapewear should always be purchased in the right size. Take advantage of in-store sales personnel and speak to them about what size fits you best. Once you find a brand that works for you, stick with it.

Teenagers and Good Dental Practices

Although teenagers are generally able to avoid the health problems that afflict adults and the very young, one disease they do experience on a regular basis is tooth decay. This is why good dental practices are particularly important for this age group. One good practice is a regular examination by a Glendora dentist.

Unfortunately, the health practices of teens are often less than desirable. It is this age group that heavily consumes sweets, sodas and energy drinks. Smoking habits will often begin to develop during these years. Busy teens may skip brushing and their parents may avoid taking them to the dentist. Additionally, dental development in teens is usually a continuing process, with wisdom teeth often not emerging from the gums until adulthood. It is for these and other reasons that teens require Glendora holistic dental services.

Teens need to care for their teeth for both health and social reasons. Problems that are not treated in adolescence can have long-term consequences. Stained teeth and bad breath can also stifle a young person’s social life. These issues illustrate the need for daily brushing and flossing. Smoking should be avoided and the consumption of sugary products limited. Wisdom teeth that have not emerged properly may also need to be addressed. Additionally, teeth and mouth injuries occurring during the participation in contact sports will require immediate attention. Teens and their parents should also be made aware of the need for regular examinations and cleaning, the type of services that are available from a Covina dental office.

For Glendora holistic dental procedures, contact Ecco Dental.

How to Identify Jewellery As Authentic

Walk through any museum or store selling some vintage engagement rings, and you’ll quickly notice how elaborate and beautiful every piece can be. Handmade jewellery from antique eras shines brilliantly, but buying authentic pieces can be a difficult task. This guide aims to help anyone identify jewellery, including which qualities are most useful in determining which era your jewellery comes from.


During the 1930s, and even as early as the 1700s, costume jewellery fashioned after real pieces became fairly common place at public gatherings. There were a variety of reasons for that, but essentially jewellery production had three grades that corresponded with the materials used: fine, semi-precious and base. When you’re looking at antique engagement rings, a good question to ask about is the type of stone used. The answer to that question can give some clues on whether the piece is an authentic piece or costume jewellery.


World War II greatly disrupted the flow of precious metals and gemstones throughout the world, so gold was in short supply in the post war era for about one or two decades. During that time, jewelers would frequently combine silver and gold to make a new metal called vermeil. According to Cynthia Findlay Antiques, one clue that a piece is post war is that is contains more metal than gemstone because of the supply challenges from Europe to the US.


Custom jewellery from Toronto is designed to look like the real thing, but these pieces are inspired by the era rather than a direct copy. Custom jewellery can be handed down from generation to generation, just like antique counterparts. If you like the style of vintage rings but can’t find a specific one you like, create one. Skilled jewelers can duplicate the methods used back then, creating one-of-a-kind pieces made specifically for you.

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