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Month: February 2015

5 Tips for Finding the Right Bra Size

Finding the perfect bra that fits well but is not too tight does not necessarily have to be stressful. From the A cup to the F, these tips below might help you in finding the perfect piece.

  1. More than one everyday piece

A bra should be changed everyday and rotated as much as possible to ensure that it last longer. For that, you would need to choose at least 3 or 4 everyday wear bra. Wearing a bra for consecutive days can also stretch it out.

  1. Your bra size WILL change

With age and weight fluctuations, your bra size will change. The cup size will also change as you grow. You might want to continually measure yourself up to check whether your bra size is still the same before buying a new set.

  1. Wear your bra on the loosest clasp

When your bra is still new, wear it on the loosest clasp. With time, as the bra stretches, you would then be able to tighten it so that it continues to fit well.

  1. Test it with an arm lift

This is a great test to determine whether your bra size is correct for you. If your bra has moved when you tried the test, it means that your cup might be small or your band might be bigger.

  1. The center of your bra should fit against your sternum.

The center of your bra should sit against your sternum and your entire bra should not move when you press it. If it moves, it means that you need to get a bigger cup size.

Considerations for Choosing Stylish Bedding

The right bedding can make a huge difference in the visual appeal of your bedroom. A great style can either blend in with the current décor, or become the main focus of the space. Whichever is your goal, it’s helpful to take into consideration the following three components to assist with your decision: color, design, and theme.

  1. Color: Finding an entire color scheme for your room can help you choose the best color for your bedding. One way to accomplish making the bed a focal point, is to keep all other color in the space subdued, but add a pop of color on the bed. Purchasing brightly colored bedding sets can add a lot of personality to a room.
  2. Design: Patterns and details on your bedding can either compliment the room, or add interesting contrast. For example, if the room has a simple and clean design, finding a quilt with a bold and intricate pattern could be pleasantly striking. On the other hand, a plush yet simple comforter would maintain the overall feel of the space.
  3. Theme: Finding a theme for the design of your entire room can be a useful tool for decorating. There are both low-budget and high-end designer bedding available to suit just about any style. Whether your theme is modern or retro, or speaks to a general feeling, such as tranquility or high energy, it can act as a guide for making a strong choice for your new bedding.

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