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Three Gentle Ways to Remove Facial Hair

Of all beauty treatments, facial hair removal is among the least pleasant activities. But it doesn’t have to be this challenging. Choose the best removal method for your hair needs, type, and preferences.

If you want to remove unwanted facial hair, don’t fret, we’re here to help. Here are some popular facial hair removal techniques to consider.


Here, you have an option between soft and hard wax. Hard wax stiffens and can be removed on its own. You’ll need to use cloth strips to remove soft wax.

A waxing expert can remove facial hairs from your cheeks, upper lip, chins, and brow with ease. Always read online reviews before visiting a new waxing salon. Your facial skin will thank you.


An expert like those at Danie’s Beauty Salon, uses a thread to pluck the hair out from the root. The technique is most popular for removing eyebrows. But you can use it almost anywhere on your face. Such include cheeks, upper lip, and sideburns.

A complete threading on your eyebrows will take no more than 20 minutes. Its results will last between four to six weeks.


Dermaplaning is an antiaging treatment with a bonus of removing facial hair. It utilizes a flat razor to scrape off skin’s top layer. It helps skin cells with hyperpigmentation.

Dermaplaning removes hair on your skin surface. It’s super trendy and leaves your face feeling super smooth. The good thing, it’s not painful.

You can do the exercise on your own or involve an expert in facial hair removal in Glendale, CA.

5 Awesome clothing tips not to be missed

Most women will always have nothing to wear. Although this is common, it can sometimes cost you a lot of time and may leave you not feeling your best. Here are some tips to get your wardrobe moving in the right direction.

Old things – If you have clothes that are simply old or never worn, it is time to give them away or throw them out. You may find that donating clothes can leave you feeling relaxed and a neater wardrobe will help you think clearly.

A big event – If you have an event like a black-tie dinner or a wedding, start off with a few ideas of what type of look you want to achieve. Plan out the outfit, your accessories, hair, and makeup. Then look for discounts online in stores you frequently

Stretch new shoes painlessly – If you’ve brought a pair of heels which gives you callouses, look at placing it in the freezer to stretch it out. Start with placing zip lock bags with ice in your shoes and then placing your shoes in the freezer overnight. Then wear your shoes the next day to see the difference.

Dress up in a couple of seconds – Dressing quickly is a good habit to cultivate, since most people are time poor. Look at investing in a bow tie top or dress, add some clip on earrings and flats and you look dressed in seconds.

Be smart when you buy a jacket – When you buy a jacket, coat or a blazer, always make sure that it fits your shoulders. If it’s even a little too tight or too wide, leave it in the store since these items are impossible to alter.


Wardrobe essentials for busy moms

Essentials in a mom’s wardrobe are a must as they help working moms to look their best when they need to get out the door in a hurry. Here are some key essentials that every mom should own.

A pair of great fitting jeans – Every mom should own at least one pair of fitted jeans that fits them perfectly. Since a good pair of jeans can be worn for almost any occasion, look at a pair in a dark wash that is wearable for both casual and formal events. Slimmer moms should opt for a couple of skinny jeans, while plus-size moms who carry weight on their hips can look for straighter legged jeans to balance proportions.

Cardigan – Cardigans are comfortable and flattering. Look at a super warm boyfriend sweater or a traditional cardigan that can be worn with a belt.

Tees and tanks – A few basic tee and tanks will help you mix and match your outfits with ease.

A white button-down shirt – A white button down shirt is great to wear with jeans, shorts or pants. Look at a button down that fits you perfectly and one that has less detailing to offer more versatility.

A structured blazer – A structured blazer will help you add interest and warmth to your favorite T-shirt or dress. Look at a form-fitting blazer that is the right length for your height and shape.


5 tips on what to wear for your office christmas party

Office christmas parties are a great way to bound and share the christmas cheer. Choosing an outfit however can be a difficult task. You don’t want to come across as a bore to your colleagues and clients, but you don’t want to go over the top either. Hopefully the following guides will make your decision a lot easier.

Wear a jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are chic, very comfortable and can easily go from work to eveningwear. Go for a solid colour, strips or a small print.

Wear a dress

choose a dress that has a metallic finish or is sequinned. Dress it down with simple accessories.

Pants with a Chic top

Pants are a great way to go from work to a work event. You could pair a plain pair of pants either a black, grey or beige with a top. Wrap blouses are a great choice, since they are comfortable and are good at hiding a tummy.

Wear a skirt

You could opt for a feminine skirt. Pair it with the simple white shirt or a fitted top. Choose from a knee length pencil skirt to a flared 80’s style skirt. Just make sure you wear a nice pair of high heeled pumps.

Add some shine

If you’re on a budget, opt for a simple black shift or a black pant suit but dress it up for the season with pretty jewellery or a glitzy clutch. You could also add a pair of statement shoes to complete your look.

How to pack sensibly for a holiday

Traveling is all about being free and enjoying new experiences. Therefore, packing light will give you the freedom of not having to worry about too many of your belongings, while you are off exploring. Here are a few tips on what clothes you should pack.

The three each rule – This rule will allow you to pack three of any clothing. For example, if you pack three tops, you can wear one, wash one and you still have another to wear for later. For smaller items like underwear, look at packing five pieces.

Lightweight, quick-drying clothing – If you are visiting a tropical country look at packing light items that will dry quickly. Like cotton T-shirts, linen shorts, harem pants, and sarongs.

For cooler climates – If you are traveling to a cooler climate, pack one warm jacket, one long sleeve top and a rain jacket with your usual bottoms.

Shoes – One or two pairs of shoes should be more than enough for most trips, just make sure they are of a neutral shade so that they pair well with your clothes. Look at a pair of thongs and sandals when in a tropical country and a pair of flat pumps and boots for colder climates.

Remember that shopping is also part of traveling and it can be nice to wear what you buy when on holiday. Packing light will also give you the chance to invest in a few items and you will have enough space to bring your pieces back home.


The four secrets to nailing your office dress code every day

Dressing for work can be difficult, even when you have the most extensive wardrobe. Sometimes you may find yourself asking if your office casual is too casual or if your full suit is too formal. Here are a few tips on how to nail your office dress code every single day.

Denim (creative casual) – If you choose to wear denim to work, always pair it with a block coloured top in a neutral shade. To make your outfit office friendly add a blazer. Black is a good choice, but if you are careful with your pens and your cup of coffee, white is a fresh fun choice too.

Slacks and tops with no blazer – A pair of black slacks is a good work wardrobe staple. Pair yours with a navy top that is modest and one that can be tucked in or worn out. Brighten the outfit with a fun watch and a long chain.

Informal attire made work friendly – You may think that your striped black skater dress is not work friendly. However wear a white shirt underneath and a black waist belt and you’ve taken your outfit to the boardroom.

Suits – Suits are traditionally office friendly. Modern suits are more comfortable and are made with lighter fabrics. Choose a pant suit in black, with a loose fitting blazer that can be left open. You can wear a white shirt underneath.

Clothing essentials for your college wardrobe

Cutting down your wardrobe can be a great way to save money and get more wear from each piece. Here are some tips that will help you create a college wardrobe that will never leave you looking for items to wear.

A few good pairs of jeans – You should invest in at least four good pairs of jeans that fit well to create a strong base for your wardrobe. Look at dark washes like black, blue and gray, plus one pair each in a medium and a light wash.

Denim shorts – A pair of light denim shorts are a good investment for warmer months.

Leggings – Leggings are a good wardrobe staple as they can be worn with a long top, cardigan or under a dress/skirt coupled with boots. Go for a standard black pair as they can be paired with almost anything.

Basic tops – Tops in white, black, and gray in different cuts are affordable and can be worn with anything. Look at tank top in, V-neck, long sleeve, and t-shirts styles in each of the colors above.

Professional outfit – Often at university, you will have to have one outfit that is suitable for presentations, to attend conferences and for networking events. A crisp button-down shirt with pants or a knee-length black shift are both versatile options.

Sweatshirts – Sweatshirts are a must as they will let you be super comfortable and warm when you have late night library sessions, or you need to lounge about in your room.

Crop tops – For nights out at a bar or a pub, a crop top is a comfortable, easy option. You can dress up your crop top with a skirt and a pair of heels or sandals.

How to clean out your closet?

If you aim to create a wardrobe that is stylish, clean and organized, here are simple steps that will get your closet ready.

What to keep – Your wardrobe basics like your best winter jacket, favorite blazer, and high-quality staples should be stay. You should also preserve a good quality LBD that fits well for special occasions. Carefully look at your on-trend items an assess if they have been worn in the last year and place things that have not been worn for a while on to one pile.

Say goodbye to – If you have items that still have tags on for over six months, look at donating them or selling them online. The other items that should go are clothing that looks worn out or discolored. Clothing which is ill-fitting should also be added to your donate pile.

Get organized – Start organizing your closet by buying slim, nonslip hangers that will hold your tops, coats, and bottoms. You should then arrange everything so that it faces one direction to save you space and to give you a better idea of what you have. Then look at categorizing your items according to type like tops by sleeve length, skirts, shorts, pants, dresses, and warm clothes. Then sort your wardrobe by color, light to dark. Look at only hanging items that you will wear within a season and pack everything else in storage bins by season. Make the most of the closet space you have, by adding cubbies or hooks.


How to make the most of your wardrobe?

If you are one of those people who never has anything to wear and are always bored with your outfits, here are some great tips to help you make the most of your wardrobe.

Organize your closet – Organizing your closet is the best way to know exactly what you have inside. Look at sorting all your clothes into piles and decide on what you want to keep or donate. If you have non-formal clothing that you haven’t worn for over a year because you don’t like the way it fits, consider giving it away. Once you have an idea what you want to keep in your wardrobe, organize your items by color, garment or occasion.

Find inspiration – Finding your style can take a bit of research. The best way to start is to look at internet combos that you like to wear. You should create a folder that includes multiple combos to help guide your shopping decisions.

Play dress-up – Wear a few combos before you start your work week or before an event. Taking some time to consider your options and what works best for you, will help you understand your style and help you use what you have in your closet.

Round out your wardrobe – Most wardrobes will be missing essential staples. Essential staples are great as they will help you get more wear from your current pieces and also make it seems like you have a more extensive wardrobe. Make a list of what staples you need, and look at buying a few pieces each month.


Things to buy after Christmas

Christmas can be a time of shopping and winding down after a busy year. However, if you find yourself regretting your purchases after you see the boxing day sales, here are some tips on what you should hold out for until after Christmas.

Winter clothing – Winter clothing at the height of winter, will be expensive. However, if you hold off until January or June, you will realize that most of the expensive winter clothing is almost 50% off.

Toys and small gifts – Once the holiday rush is over, retailers that sell cosmetic sets, toys, spa gift baskets and much more opt to place these items in clearance bins to make room for new stock. Use this time to buy gifts for kids and adult birthdays gifts later on during the year.

Decorations – Christmas décor is useless after Christmas. If you are looking at changing your Christmas look, consider buying your Christmas décor just after Christmas.

Fitness products – The fitness industry counts on people spending on gym memberships and fitness gear as the new year approaches. Look for discounts on DVDs and fitness equipment. You should also look at second-hand equipment as most people will sell their old equipment to make way for new purchases.

Food – The demand for foods like baking supplies, wine, cheese and seasonal flavors of products are a lot less after Christmas is over. Look at stocking up on these items for a few months ahead or freeze your favorite cookies and cakes for a special event.

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