Written by Jacket Society

Are you obsessed with finding the perfect outfit? Of course you are! Who isn’t? The problem is that, these days, fashion tends to lean to one way or the other. On the one hand, you can wear an outfit that is perfectly safe and will make you practically indistinguishable from all the other women around you.

No one wants that, of course, but the alternative may be much worse. It consists of doing something so extreme that you look like you’re trying a bit too hard to be edgy. That will get you plenty of attention, but it won’t be for the reasons you were hoping.

Instead of doing either of these things, why not concentrate on separating yourself from the crowd in a way that always works? Jackets and blazers are big pieces that always make a statement. They can also be a ton of fun without being too “out there.”

Try on a women’s boyfriend blazer to see what we mean. Will you stand out? Absolutely. Will you look like you’re doing something silly to get attention? Not at all.

Light jackets for women are a great way to go too, especially in the spring and summer nights when it can get chilly, but not so much so that you need a large coat to keep you warm.


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