Each of these small pledges offers big results that can take your wardrobe from ordinary to extraordinary.

Spend wisely – spend your money on classic pieces that will add to your wardrobe and blend well with most of your pieces. Remember, that if you spend on an outfit that you can get more mileage out of, you are definitely making a saving.

Sort out your closet – Start with getting your wardrobe space organized to make sure that you know what you have in your closet. You can begin by separating your outfits into work, casual and going-out wear. These categories can be further organized by color. It is best to hang your items as they will be easier to pick out than a stack of folded clothes.

Take a risk – It is good to have a sense of what suits you best but remember that moving out of your comfort zone can be exciting. Therefore, buy something that you usually wouldn’t wear, but have always wanted to try.

Find your personal style – Get an idea of what you like wearing most and make a note of your favorite styles, shapes and colors. This will make shopping a whole lot easier and make getting dressed a breeze.

Check your fit – Items like heels, bras and shapewear should always be purchased in the right size. Take advantage of in-store sales personnel and speak to them about what size fits you best. Once you find a brand that works for you, stick with it.