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What Does it Mean to Live an Organic Lifestyle?

Living an organic lifestyle means more than just eating organic vegetables. It means that you take concrete steps in your household, from choosing kids organic pajamas to looking at ways to reduce your consumption, that add up to a more sustainable lifestyle. Organic is about providing a better future, while still maintaining a lifestyle we’re used to.

Organic Basics

Before you jump into boys or girls organic pajamas, it’s helpful to start with some of the basics. Remember, organic is more than just a choice here or there, it’s a lifestyle. Begin with food, that basic resource we all share a need for. Switching to organic meats and vegetables (and reducing your consumption of meat), is a good first step.

One way to do this is to participate in meatless Monday, or to cook organic meals one day out of each week. This gets you thinking about how to buy ingredients you can share from meal to meal, and how to cook with fresh ingredients.


Girls and boys organic pajamas all carry labels that will certify clothing as organic based on certain third party organizations that review their manufacturing process. You can research these organizations to learn more about them, and how authoritative they are, which will help you determine which clothing is actually organic and which just use the organic buzzword.


Organic products can add up costs very quickly, and some of this is by design. Buying organic, or fair trade, usually means the cost you pay helps to fund some aspect of infrastructure. It may help improve access to water, support a fledgling town or help in other ways. When you buy organic, you’ll discover you need to pick and choose what will fit into your budget. That causes you to naturally downsize, thereby reducing your impact on the world around you.

Bio: KoraVera is a truly organic clothing company offering affordable girls and boys organic pajamas, with the mission of bringing awareness to the Beautiful Truth of a more sustainable future.

6 Packing tips that will change the way you pack

Planning a weekend escape or a long holiday away may require some strategic planning. Not only do you want a variety of outfits to wear, but you also want to avoid taking unnecessary clutter. Here are some expert tips that will help you pack for your next holiday.

Sample size – Speak to your skin care specialist and ask them to give you a few sample sizes of your favorite The small sizes are suitable to carry in your carry-on luggage and will save you a lot more space in your checked luggage.

Drugstore solutions – Double sided tape is a good add on to ensure that your tops stay in place, especially if you decide not to wear a bra. Another item you should always carry is safety pins. They are great when your zipper or button comes undone.

Tote – A good sized tote is great to use as a carry-on and can double as a beach bag.

Shoes – You will only need one pair of heels, a pair of boots and a sandal or a pair of flats. If you intend on getting some exercise, add on a pair of runners.

Undergarments – Place your undergarments into your socks so that your undergarments stay in place.

Versatile pieces – Always include neutral staples like tanks in black, white and gray, as they go with almost anything. You can then add a pair of denim shorts or a skirt, and you have six different outfits.

Three Types of People Who Need an Appraiser

According to Cynthia Findley Antiques, there are many reasons you might want to downsize your inheritance. There will inevitably be some pieces that have no sentimental value to you, and do not fit your style. You may also run into the problem of storage, which can be a challenge. If you’re looking to sell off older estate jewellery, and unsure of how to get the best price, hire an appraiser.

Downsizing: Some opt to downsize an estate before they pass. This serves a few purposes, it can help the person who owns the estate to consolidate the wealth and build a bigger inheritance for family. Those assets essentially get re-allocated in other ways. Appraisers help these people get a fair price for their assets.

Inheritance: When a close family member passes, they sometimes leave an inheritance for you. Not everyone is prepared to keep vintage engagement rings. Either they do not have the space, or the jewellery does not fit the style. Appraisers help you sell off what you don’t want from the collection, so you can use the money to create a new tradition for your own family.

Explorer: If you’ve ever gone to an estate sale, you’ve probably found more than a few pieces you’ve wanted to take home. Some of us actually do, and an appraiser is useful in identifying antique engagement rings and assessing value. Who knows, you might have stumbled across something truly valuable.

For pieces that are less valuable, but still sentimental, you might consider re-using the metals. You can melt older pieces and have them remade as custom designs to start your own traditions.

The lazy girl’s idea of dolling up

Everyone doesn’t have the time or the money to get dolled up with the most expensive makeup, clothes, and manicures. Here are some tips for low maintenance girls to look like they have made an effort.

A classic red lipstick – Red lipstick will liven up your look and make your outfit stand out. Even a simple pair of jeans with a white tank will look dressed up with red lipstick.

A smart cover-up – Simple outfits will look chic with a cape or a blazer. Make sure you invest in a cover-up that fits you well and one that is the right length to balance out your proportions. Colors in black, white, navy or nude are good versatile options that can be paired with almost anything in your wardrobe.

A pair of embellished heels – Your footwear can elevate your outfit. Invest in a pair of embellished heels that will get you party ready in no time. Look for pairs with stones, pearls, and crystals and wear them with jeans or dresses in neutral shades.

A statement neckpiece – Accessories will uplift your look, and a statement necklace is just the piece to glam up a simple outfit. Make sure to invest in necklaces that are chunky, made of heavy metals and those in shades like dull gold, silver or charcoal.

A colored liner – Your eyes are a big part of your face and therefore highlight them with a metallic or a bright shade of eyeliner.

How to dress to flatter your body

Dressing to flatter your body will make you feel your best and send out the right impression to those around you. Here are some simple tips that will help you dress to flatter your body.

Don’t match too much – It is important to strike a good balance between contrasting combinations. This provides the wearer and the viewer with the right amount of complexity and interest.

Wear yellow – Yellow is said to lift the mood of the wearer and the mood of those around you.

Embrace a broad shoulder – Wide shoulders will offset wide hips and therefore create the visual illusion of a balanced frame. This illusion will also make your waist look smaller.

Go monochrome – To look slimmer, wear the same color, which will blur the dividing lines and make the wearer look slimmer.

Look for diagonal lines – Horizontal lines are slimming and vertical lines are widening, but diagonal stripes will give the illusion of a smaller waist.

Wear jewelry – Jewelry can emphasize a simple neckline or lift an outfit to look more expensive.

Carry a bag – A bag can make an outfit seem well put together and sometimes draw attention away from an otherwise simple outfit. Choose one with embellishments for added appeal.

High heels – High heels will give the illusion of height and help balance your frame. Just remember to invest in pairs that are comfortable.


How to dress when you have big breasts

Written by Costbuys

Busty ladies will know what they should avoid when shopping. But this can be difficult when shopping websites do not always provide you with all the information. Here are some tips to help busty ladies find the perfect outfit.

The bust fits but the rest doesn’t- Busty ladies will often need to go up a dress size on the top and this may cause the rest of the outfit to look less than flattering. This problem cannot be fixed without the help of a tailor. If you’re looking for a dress that will fit you instantly, look at a potato sack dress style. These styles hang loose all the way and don’t define your body. Pair your dress with black tights and high-heeled pumps. This combo will flatter your frame and require no alterations.

Bras – You should invest in good quality bras that are comfortable, supportive, and never slumps down. When your boobs slump, they will appear much bigger than they actually are. Full coverage bras that minimize will help you maintain a smaller dress size on top. This will balance your frame and your outfits.

Leave a button or two undone – If you want to wear a tight shirt or dress, but your boobs get in the way, you can leave a few buttons undone. This is a sexy look and can be worn with anything from a mid length skirt with

If you intend to online shop, it is best to measure your size with the bra you intend to wear with the outfit.


Costbuys is a discount online shopping site where customers can order the products they know and use every day at amazing prices with free worldwide shipping.


Maternity must-haves for expectant moms

All women want to look their very best, even when they are pregnant.  Here are some maternity trends that will help those expecting mamas feel beautiful and comfortable.

The quality basics – Cotton basics are a must have for expecting mothers. Buy some cotton singlet tops with and without sleeves plus a couple of pairs of leggings. These items can be paired with jeans, maxi skirt or a loose fitting top or sweater.

The on-trend pieces – Just because you’re pregnant, does not mean that you should not include some trendy pieces in your maternity wardrobe. These could be a pair of culottes, a cold shoulder dress or distressed denim. Look for designs on ASOS and Top shop maternity to snatch some on-trend maternity looks.

The fall jacket – A fall jacket can really help you feel warm during the cold months. Since most regular jackets are form fitting, a good maternity jacket is a must have. Look for parkas in the H&M mama collection.

The cashmere cardigan – A long day when pregnant, is almost every day. Relax in an ultra cozy sweater in a cashmere-wool blend. This is a sensible buy as you can wear this pre and post baby.

The sneakers – Sneakers are a great addition to expecting mamas. Choose from Nike Free TR5 or go for old-school sneakers from Vans, They both cost around $100. Wear your sneakers with your favorite pair of jeans and you will be comfortable all day long.


How to dress for a day date

Day dates can be tricky since you want to not look too overdressed, but still well put together for the event. Here are some combinations that will make your decision on what to wear a whole lot easier.

For a lunch with his parents – This needs a dress with enough coverage to make it look modest. Choose a dress with a cap sleeve or a mid length sleeve. Your dress should hit your knees and not be too clingy. Choose a skater dress with a light floral print. Pair this with a nude pump and across body bag in a similar shade. Make sure your makeup and hair are natural and not over done.

A late afternoon date that can lead well into the evening – A floral bodycon dress is perfect for afternoon dates. Make sure yours is over the knee but not too short. Pair this with a light denim jacket and a pair of sandals or ballerinas.

Lunch date with his family – These events can start early or at noon and often end up finishing at 6pm. Choose a maxi dress that is comfortable. Floral prints or a simple neutral light shade will work best for such an event. Match your outfit with a pair of flat sandals or if you need height, a pair of wedge heels, which will offer comfort and style. Accessories with simple earrings and a cross body bag to finish off the look.


8 Style tips for girls on a small budget

Most people will not have a lot of money to spend on clothing. However, this does not mean that your wardrobe should look shabby or boring. Here are some inexpensive tips that will give your clothing a facelift.

Replace your buttons – Low priced coats or blazers can look cheap when they have plastic buttons. Change your plastic buttons to more upscale coat buttons to make your coat look more expensive.

Keep it simple – High street bags and jewelry look more expensive if they are simple. Choose ones with less embellishment and those in block colors.

Choose faux suede than faux leather – If you want to add a bit of luxury, choose a pair of faux suede pumps. They will look more expensive than a pair of faux leather pumps and will be a lot cheaper.

Use an iron or a steamer – Wrinkles can make clothes look less expensive and old. Always iron or steam your clothes before wearing them.

Purchase a slip – Inexpensive clothing is usually not lined. To avoid any wardrobe malfunctions, invest in a good slip in neutral shades like nude, black and off white.

Keep fabrics in mind – Choose tweed, cotton, and linen as they always look expensive.

Fabric shaver – A fabric shaver will make all your knits, look brand new.

Get it in black – Darker shades will hide stitching mistakes, which are telltale signs of budget pieces.

Five fashion resolutions to work towards

Each of these small pledges offers big results that can take your wardrobe from ordinary to extraordinary.

Spend wisely – spend your money on classic pieces that will add to your wardrobe and blend well with most of your pieces. Remember, that if you spend on an outfit that you can get more mileage out of, you are definitely making a saving.

Sort out your closet – Start with getting your wardrobe space organized to make sure that you know what you have in your closet. You can begin by separating your outfits into work, casual and going-out wear. These categories can be further organized by color. It is best to hang your items as they will be easier to pick out than a stack of folded clothes.

Take a risk – It is good to have a sense of what suits you best but remember that moving out of your comfort zone can be exciting. Therefore, buy something that you usually wouldn’t wear, but have always wanted to try.

Find your personal style – Get an idea of what you like wearing most and make a note of your favorite styles, shapes and colors. This will make shopping a whole lot easier and make getting dressed a breeze.

Check your fit – Items like heels, bras and shapewear should always be purchased in the right size. Take advantage of in-store sales personnel and speak to them about what size fits you best. Once you find a brand that works for you, stick with it.

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