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10 Summer Work Wardrobe Must-Haves

youngfashion may 2016With the weather hot outside and the air conditioner blaring at the office, getting dressed in summer can be difficult. You should have your trusty cardigan or black blazer by your desk, but making sure you don’t sweat through your clothes and wear breathable fabrics will mean you stay comfortable. Here are 10 office must-haves you need this summer.

An Easy Shirtdress – A shirtdress mixes masculine and feminine lines and a striped version with a tie waist will highlight your waist.

A figure flattering shift dress – A black shift dress, will make you look professional, feminine all the while beating the heat.

A sleeveless oxford – This is a classic white shirt without the sleeves. One with slight detail will give your outfit a little more femininity.

A silky cami – Cami’s are great to wear under your blazers and waistcoats.

A light blazer – A nice light gray blazer is a smart alternative to the standard black.

A chic waist coat – A waistcoat is a smart versatile option and since it’s sleeveless you will stay cool.

A pencil skirt – Any figure looks good in a pencil skirt. A light grey pencil skirt is a fresh option and goes well with a white blouse.

A cool culotte – A culotte is a great way to stay cool, since it is loose and goes well with heels or flats.

A copper trouser – A pair of copper trousers are versatile and on trend. Pair it with a darker shirt.

A block heel sandal – Since you can’t wear flip flops to the office, a strappy block heel sandal is the best alternative.

6 Tips on how to wear a wrap skirt like a pro

youngfashion.coIf you’re going on holiday to warmer weather or getting ready for summer and looking to show a bit more leg, a wrap skirt could be just what your wardrobe needs. The wrap skirt is a good mix of conservativeness and playfulness. It is also versatile, as it can go from office to after work cocktails. Here are 6 outfit ideas on how to best wear a wrap skirt.

Detail – To get your wrap skirt noticed, make sure you include a funky belt with a nice buckle. Your belt will also give you the ability to change the tightness of your skirt.

Mix color and patterns – A wrap skirt with a fun print, can be used as day wear or dressed up with heels for a night out. Reversible options, give you two skirts in one.

Trade black for navy – For a work appropriate wrap skirt, opt for a navy hue.

Select a good quality fabric – Choose from suede, to soft leather in camel. The fabric will drape well on a wrap skirt and project a luxe feel.

Add some sparkle – For a day to night look, wear a sequin mini wrap skirt with a simple button down cardigan in a neutral shade. Match it with a pair of flats for day wear and switch to a pair of heels at night.

Statement shoes – Wrap skirts can come in modest lengths. To add height and draw attention to your legs, wear a knee high lace up sandal or a fancy pair of high heels.

The Charming Factors of Art Deco Rings

Let the elegance of an art deco ring sway you into purchasing one for your beautiful bride-to-be.

The old world charm of art deco rings has been a popular choice among couples that are looking for something unique and elegant. This isn’t to say that your typical diamond ring isn’t suitable for your bride-to-be; it’s just that art deco rings provide a different voice within their bold streamlined-geometric look.

Elegance At Its Finest

Inspired by the architecture and artwork of the Native Americans, Greeks, and Egyptians, art deco rings have found a humble home in the world of engagement rings.

The suffrage movement of women is displayed within the artwork. One can visualize the independence that these women fought for through the boldness of the crafted style.

Their sleek, clean cut conveys nothing but pure elegance and class. These styles were totally in contrast to the neutral Edwardian designs and showcase a clean sense of sophistication, which is clearly reflected in art deco rings today. Now, don’t mistake bold for being overly dramatic in terms of details or intricacies. Realistically, these rings weren’t made with being “fancy” in mind, but for a genuine look.

Don’t Always Trust Yard And Estate Sales

Many of these rings can be found in estate jewellery sales, but it’s important that if you decide to take this route that you approach it with caution. With an abundance of knock-offs and fakes floating around, you may come across a ring that’s worth no more than a mass-produced product.

It’s best to approach a professional that has years of experience, such as Cynthia Findlay Antiques, a prestigious family business that offers custom jewellery in Toronto.

Not only will these established jewellers provide you with a sense of direction on where to find the perfect art deco ring, but they might even carry them for which you can purchase. So, what are you waiting for? Cynthia Findlay Antiques and other reputable establishments are waiting to help you today.

What to wear for Easter brunch

youngfashionEaster brunch is a fun event to catch up with family and friends. These events usually involve a mixed bag of people, from well know family, kids, to in-laws and friends. Easter functions are also scheduled during midday to early evening. Therefore, finding an outfit for Easter can be confusing. Here are a few tips to help you select an out that is appropriate, yet flattering.

Outfit – Since a lot of your family will be at this event, it is best to choose an outfit that is conservative but chic. With kids, uncles and aunts present, leave the low cut tops, the super short skirts and the fake lashes at home. Look at wearing a skater dress in a block color or a floral print. Choose a light summery shade like powder pink or pastel blue/ yellow. Your hemline should reach past your upper thigh.

Hair – Your look should be soft and effortless. Use a straightener to create soft curls or go super straight.

Make up – Use a good foundation and a little blusher. If you feel bare with this look, add a bit of eyeliner and some tinted gloss. Avoid shimmery eye shadows and face contouring.

Shoes – Think cute flats or dainty sandals. Remember that you may have to assist the host (since the host is usually family), so comfort is key. If you don’t feel dressed without a heel, go for a small 2 inch heel.

Nails – Brighter, shorter nails are in this Spring. Make your color pop; think hot pink, purple, coral, teal, yellow, orange.

Essential Denim tips

youngfashionInvesting in an expensive pair of jeans can be worthwhile, since you can pair it with almost anything or any occasion. With prices over $200, taking care of your jeans is important to ensure they stay in good condition. Some people say washing your jeans by hand is best, others say use the machine, while some others don’t wash their jeans at all and only opt for dry cleaning them. Here are some tips to prolong the life of your jeans.

Raw denim needs at least 6 months to to contour to the shape of your body. Therefore to maintain the best shape, avoid washing them for a few months. If you have a pre washed pair (these are jeans that look faded), you can wash them when they start to sag or get stained.

To get rid of the smell between washes, hang your jeans near the shower. The steam will help to freshen them up. If that’s not possible, you can freeze your jeans for 2 days in a ziplock bag.

To stop your jeans from losing their color, always wash them in cold water inside out. (Use a mild detergent)

If you have a dark pair of jeans, include a half cup of distilled white vinegar, at the final rise stage of your wash.

Lay/hang your jeans flat or upside down to dry. Always air dry your jeans or turn the heat at the lowest setting on your dryer. Try to remove your jeans before they are completely dry.

Dressing up a pixie hair do

A pixie haircut is a great feminine style, that is easy to maintain. Many celebrities like Halle Berry, Charlize Theron and Kate Mara have looked stunning in their pixie dos. But, If you’ve always had long hair and have now decided to go pixie short, you might have to rethink your style of dressing and accessorizing. Here are a few tips for rocking your new pixie.

Choose feminine styles – If your style is more tailored and minimalistic, you will need to buy a few pieces to create a feminine vibe. This means flowery prints, bows and ruffles, which are fun and feminine. You could also invest in a few skirts from high waisted, flared to mini’s. Dresses are also a great easy way to look stylish yet feminine. If you choose plain colors opt for pinks or peaches, light yellows and powder blues. A classic skater dress paired with heels and your pixie, can really make a statement.

Make up- With longer locks you probably could get away with a little eyeliner. But once you’ve gone pixie, you really need to make sure your makeup is on point. With a pixie, your face is very exposed and it’s the very first thing people will see. Invest in a good liquid foundation and cream blusher. You will also need to neaten your brows. Liquid Eyeliner and Mascara is a must. If you’re heading out, a simple cat’s eye will really make your eyes pop.

Accessories- Gone are the days when your earrings are hidden. You can now where little diamante studs or go for a long pair of dangly earrings.

Look Better Without Exercise


Everyone knows they should be working out. Even those of us who do work out know that we should probably be doing it more. Regular exercise is part of the ideal, healthy lifestyle.

The same goes for eating right. We all know that this must be a priority. Eating right is, again, part of living a healthy, pain-free life.

Still, that doesn’t make this kind of thing any easier. If you know you should be working out and eating better, make that a goal. But don’t let that stop you from looking your best in the present.

Fortunately, one incredibly easy way to do this is with a simple waist trainer. Whenever you like, throw on your trainer and see how it immediately takes inches off your waist and really brings your entire body into a much more svelte line.

Countless men and women are using this type of accessory to look their best while they work on getting in better shape. While this sort of thing has been around for decades (centuries, if you consider corsets), in recent years, they’ve become incredibly comfortable, easy to put on and affordable.

So if you’d like to ensure your best self steps out of the door every time you leave the house, make a cincher a part of that morning routine.


Need a waist trainer to look your best no matter what you wear? Just about any best waist cincher will do the trick, of course. In the end, no matter what type you’re looking for, Femme Basics will have it.

5 tips on what to wear for your office christmas party

Office christmas parties are a great way to bound and share the christmas cheer. Choosing an outfit however can be a difficult task. You don’t want to come across as a bore to your colleagues and clients, but you don’t want to go over the top either. Hopefully the following guides will make your decision a lot easier.

Wear a jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are chic, very comfortable and can easily go from work to eveningwear. Go for a solid colour, strips or a small print.

Wear a dress

choose a dress that has a metallic finish or is sequinned. Dress it down with simple accessories.

Pants with a Chic top

Pants are a great way to go from work to a work event. You could pair a plain pair of pants either a black, grey or beige with a top. Wrap blouses are a great choice, since they are comfortable and are good at hiding a tummy.

Wear a skirt

You could opt for a feminine skirt. Pair it with the simple white shirt or a fitted top. Choose from a knee length pencil skirt to a flared 80’s style skirt. Just make sure you wear a nice pair of high heeled pumps.

Add some shine

If you’re on a budget, opt for a simple black shift or a black pant suit but dress it up for the season with pretty jewellery or a glitzy clutch. You could also add a pair of statement shoes to complete your look.

Maximizing Your Budget on an Engagement Ring

Written by Cynthia Findlay Antiques.

Buying an engagement ring should be one of the happiest moments of a person’s life. However, for many men it’s a moment of stress and aggravation, especially when it comes to finances. Despite what some in the jewellery industry have suggested, you don’t need to spend several months’ salary on a ring in order to get a stunning and special piece that your partner will cherish.

You can shop smart and maximize your budget while still purchasing a stunning engagement ring. Here’s a few ways you can do this:

Choose ring types that favor smaller gems. Not every engagement ring has to focus on a single diamond. Many items such as Art Deco rings are beautiful because of intricate or bold use of elements in the band as much as with the gem. Focus on the overall beauty of the ring rather than the sheer size of the stone.

Consider vintage rings. In many instances, you can get a vintage engagement ring that is significantly more affordable than what you might pay for a new ring with a similar size and cut of diamond. These rings are often even more treasured by women because of their history and unique look. You’ll need to be vigilant in finding estate jewellery but the search often pays off with the reward of an affordable, one-of-a-kind ring.

Consider other precious gems. Some of the most stunning engagement rings in the world don’t have a single diamond on them. There are plenty of opulent and eye-catching engagement rings that use alternatives to diamonds such as pearls, rubies or topaz.


Cynthia Findlay Antiques has been helping customers find the right vintage and custom jewellery in Toronto since 1978. Today, the collection is available for purchase at a 6,000-square-foot space in downtown Toronto and at the jeweller’s website.


4 Tips to Help You Buy the Right Watch

Watches are definitely one of the most understated fashion pieces. Not only do they add a bit of urgency to your dressing but it adds a bit of flavor to your fashion style.

As you know this already, there are different types of watches for various dress styles. These vary from the ones that suit the military to even underwater diving.

Here are 4 tips to buying the right watch:

1: Inexpensive watches are just as good

It isn’t necessary to buy watches that are extremely expensive. There are a number of brands that are affordable that can save you enough money to spend it on other fashion items, if necessary

2: Watches for that “classic” look

If you’re the type that enjoys wearing clothes that are of the classic variety, there are plenty of watches that can go along with this type of wear. Some watches much like the Rolex Submariner have been around for almost 20 years. What’s heartening to note is that these watches are vintage styled but also less expensive than other modern day watches.

3: Wrist watch options for athletes

Athletes usually prefer wristbands over actual wristwatches. Of course, if you need to time your workouts and exercises, then letting go of these wristbands in advisable for certain wristwatches. Probably, the best option for this is the Apple Watch given its functionality and stylish exterior.

4: Watches for the eccentric

A number of fashion shows exhibit watches that look ‘different’. There are a number of low priced watches that you can select from. Most of them will sync with a number of outfits that you choose to wear. For example, watches that look futuristic go well with graphic tees and sneakers too.

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