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The Post-Dorm Bedroom: Coping with New found Maturity

Decorating for young adults can be a struggle. Trying to show pride in your first home or apartment without breaking the bank is already trouble enough. It’s hard not to feel a little old skipping over twin comforter sets to peruse the queens and kings, but you don’t have to go from 25 to 60 in one shopping trip. Here are a couple of easy to emulate styles that will help make your bedroom look more mature, but not –too – mature.


Out to Sea

Some old standards are fresh by nature. Nautical themes aren’t about anchors and seafood; try sheets in nautical colors with classic elements like pennants and stripes. Navy blues and crisp whites are a great combination. Try sheets with geometric aspects like stripes or bands of nautical colors to escape from the drab look of solid colored sheets and comforters. Naturally, Nautica bedding is a prime option; it’s not saturated with cliché imagery and can be adapted for a variety of looks over time.


Fourth Meal

If you’re looking for quirky, but not wacky, skip the girls and boys bedding and check out photorealistic accessories like pillows and wallpaper. These accent pieces really pop with humor and can be an interesting way to develop on or complicate a room theme. For example, a bed with simple sheets and a big hamburger pillow on top becomes a comical “plate” that can be quickly dressed down for company simply by removing the accent piece. This versatility will keep your parents happy when they come to visit.


Bio: BeddingStyle is an online linen store that has passionately curated a variety of bold bedding for the modern consumer since 2004. BeddingStyle offers an array of colors, patterns, and textures that are sure to enhance your home. Browse their selection online at

What to Look for When Buying Art Nouveau Rings

Written by Cynthia Findlay Antiques.

The Art Nouveau jewellery that was popular from 1890 to 1910 played an important role in transitioning the styles of rings, necklaces and other pieces from the formal looks of the 1800s to the modern designs of the 20th century. Many Art Deco rings were heavily influenced by Art Nouveau styles; the fact that Art Deco jewellers thought of themselves as artists first comes from the legacy of the Art Nouveau movement.

Art Nouveau jewellery was only in vogue for two decades yet the romance and beauty of these items are still some of the most popular pieces of estate jewellery. Here’s what to look for when buying Art Nouveau rings:

Soft Curves: One of the main characteristics of Art Nouveau jewellery is the use of flowing curves intersecting with each other to create a soft and romantic look. These curves could represent anything from growing ivy to the lines of a woman’s body.

Natural Influences: Art Nouveau artists and jewellers were influenced by Japanese art, so it’s not surprising that a naturalistic influence can be found throughout Art Nouveau jewellery. Many pieces have engraving that depict scenes found in nature such as butterflies, bird, floral patterns and vines.

Natural Materials: The influence of the natural world can also be found in the materials used in Art Nouveau rings. Along with traditional metals such as platinum, many jewellers used natural materials such as wood and animal bones. Diamonds were also augmented or even replaced by semi-precious stones such as moonstone, amethyst and opal.

Cynthia Findlay Antiques has been supplying newlyweds-to-be in Toronto with engagement rings since 1978. The company specializes in vintage engagement rings along with their custom jewellery designs.

4 Simple Fashion Tips

Updating your wardrobe is what most women thinks about from time to time. However, it can be difficult to focus on advice that is offered over the internet given that there’s so much at our disposal.

It’s difficult to ascertain whether we should develop our own style or follow trends. Having said that, here are 5 simple fashion tips to consider:

#1: Know Your Body Measurements

If you know your measurements, this will reduce the amount of time when you’re out shopping but also help you pick outfits that fit your perfectly. If you must know, the chest, hips, waist and bust measurements are most important.


#2: Avoid Clothes That Are Either Too Tight or Loose

Make sure you dress for your size and which involves not only removing clothes that are too tight from your closet but also those that are too baggy as well. Of course, this would seem not unless you don’t mind being perceived as unfashionable.

#3: Ensure You Can Walk in Shoes You Buy

Of course, there are times when we might have to sacrifice comfort for looks, especially when it comes to footwear. Yet if it just looks better than it feels on your feet, then it’s a good idea to not purchase it at all. So, it’s best not to waste your money on footwear in this situation.

#4: Try On At least Three Sizes And Not Just One

Shoe sizes vary from brand to brand. So it’s a good idea to start by trying on your normal shoe size apart from a pair half-size smaller and larger. If you’re not sure, make sure you buy a pair that is half-size larger instead.

Light Jackets and Blazers for Women Are In

Written by Jacket Society

Are you obsessed with finding the perfect outfit? Of course you are! Who isn’t? The problem is that, these days, fashion tends to lean to one way or the other. On the one hand, you can wear an outfit that is perfectly safe and will make you practically indistinguishable from all the other women around you.

No one wants that, of course, but the alternative may be much worse. It consists of doing something so extreme that you look like you’re trying a bit too hard to be edgy. That will get you plenty of attention, but it won’t be for the reasons you were hoping.


Instead of doing either of these things, why not concentrate on separating yourself from the crowd in a way that always works? Jackets and blazers are big pieces that always make a statement. They can also be a ton of fun without being too “out there.”

Try on a women’s boyfriend blazer to see what we mean. Will you stand out? Absolutely. Will you look like you’re doing something silly to get attention? Not at all.

Light jackets for women are a great way to go too, especially in the spring and summer nights when it can get chilly, but not so much so that you need a large coat to keep you warm.


Are you looking for a Moto jacket women? If so, you’ll love the amazing pieces available at Jacket Society. They have the best blazers and jackets for women in every style.

Smart and efficient ways to shop for your perfect bed

Written by: BeddingStyle

Your bed should be the ultimate place of rest and relaxation, but just creating that peaceful space can sometimes become a stressful experience. It’s important to put time and special care into choosing the key components that make your bed perfect for you, but with some thoughtful planning and research, it can become a smoother and more enjoyable task.

First and foremost, it makes a huge difference to have a mattress and pillows that are a good fit for you. For example, pillows are often designed for the different positions in which people sleep. If you regularly sleep on your side, look into pillows that provide the best head and neck support for that position.

For mattresses, it’s important to test any that you’re considering buying before you make the commitment. You can even bring your pillow with you to the mattress store. While you’re trying out a bed, it’s helpful to lie in the position you usually sleep in and pay attention to whether or not your back feels comfortably supported. A mattress that is either too soft or too firm can lead to stress on your joints causing restlessness and even pain.

Next, luxury bedding is a great way to ensure higher quality sleep. There is a wide range of different materials used for bed linens, and it’s helpful to research which seems best for you. There’s a big difference between cotton, silk, fleece, and the other fabrics available. And for those with allergy concerns, many bedding lines offer anti-allergen linens as well. If you know what you want before you shop, it will be much easier and quicker to find exactly what you need.

There are also many options to choose from when deciding on the right covers for your bed. While many people enjoy quilts and blankets, comforter sets

are another choice worth checking out. These sets are very convenient since they contain multiple pieces of bedding that match, making it easy to attain a polished look and feel. With so many pieces of bedding bought all at once, you can accomplish several shopping tasks in one transaction.

Doing your research and knowing what you’re looking for before you hit the stores will increase the efficiency and success of your shopping trips. To avoid stressful experiences down the road, it’s a good idea to also check that your purchases are made of durable fabrics that require low maintenance and easy laundering.
Stephanie Lichtenstein Ramos offers style tips on behalf of Bedding Style. You can find even more tips and styles on the BeddingStyle home page.

4 Essential Summer Fashion Tips

Summer is undeniably the season to try out new fashion looks. However, there are some guidelines that might come handy irrespective of the items that you choose.

  1. Buy summer shoes a half-size or a full-size larger than you normally would

This might not be the most pleasant facts, but the feet tend to swell during summertime. When shopping for summer shoes and sandals, you might want to choose them in a larger size than what you wear in winter. For natural materials such as canvas, leather and suede, going up only half a size would be sufficient. For materials such as plastic or faux leather, going up a full size is recommended.

  1. Mind your fabrics

The fabrics that you choose for your summer clothes will directly affect your comfort level. Some high-street stores would be poly-blends which are not quite breathable. Materials such as cotton are more convenient for warmer days. Linen is another material that holds well during summer. For pants, thin denim is also a good alternative compared to regular denim.

  1. Reinvent your clothes

Using the services of a tailor can help you transform your garments and giving them a whole new look. For instance, your jeans can be cut and transformed into shorts. Maxi skirts can also be cut into mini skirts. Blazers can also be effectively transformed into crop tops.

  1. Keep your actual makeup from melting

During the summer heat, your lipsticks and foundations might start melting. To prevent your products from going bad, you might consider storing them in a refrigerated area or even in your own refrigerator!

Trendy Ways To Wear a Summer Hat

Written by: Fashion Of The Celebs

With summer just around the corner, you might be on the hunt for the perfect summer hat. Whether you would be opting for a fedora, Panama or floppy hat, the choice is quite vast and you would certainly be able to find something for everyone.

For the summer the hat is automatically a trendy accessory and it is quite practical at the same time as it shields the face, eyes and hair from the harsh rays of the sun. If you already own hats and are seeking how to pair these, the looks below might give you some ideas.

 photo summer_hat_zpskfnrm5ca.jpgClassic

Nothing beat a classic look. The ultimate all-American look is to wear a floppy hat with a striped fitted dress. The dress can be chosen quite short and paired with Converse-style sneakers for the most casual look.

With shorts

Channel the ultimate casual Mediterranean look with a light button-down shirt paired with denim shorts. The hat to go for would be a panama as it really exudes of the chic vibes of summer. This look is quite easy to put together.

Beach Look

The ideal place to wear a summer hat would be on the beach. A large floppy hat can be chosen to complement your bathing suit. The look can be paired with a large duffel beach bag and a pair of beach sandals along with sunglasses.


The panama looks good with either a loose dress or a kimono. This guarantees a trendy and casual chic look for daytime summer events.

Choosing Fall Jackets For Women

Written by Jacket Society

Fall is generally accompanied with the first chills of the year and a jacket would be crucial when going out. When choosing the ideal jacket for fall, you would need to consider whether you would be receiving adequate protection from the material chosen. Moreover, when it comes to keeping warm, if the right material is chosen, the jacket would no longer need to be bulky and uncomfortable. The tips below might come handy in choosing the best jacket for fall.


Polyester and acrylic are found almost everywhere and these materials are still trendy. For fall, opting for jackets that have close fit would yield the best effect and not bulk up the body. These types of jackets look good on almost all body types and the material does not require extra care, making it easy to maintain.

Faux leather

Leather and the synthetic version is always considered as a timeless material. While faux leather might have gone out of style in the nineties, in recent years, it has been brought back to life through modern designs in blazers for women. For a trendy look, you might want to opt for a charcoal grey faux leather jacket.


Wool is by far the most widespread material when it comes to beating the cold weather. For this coming season, preferred colors would be burgundy tones. Double-breasted jackets are perfect for cold seasons due to the extra protection that they provide.

Jacket Society is an online fashion start up. Their website features advices on choosing designer jackets for women as well as a selection of FALL JACKETS FOR WOMEN.

Adding Polish to Your Bedroom with Luxury Bedding

Written by: BeddingStyle

The bedroom should be a place of comfort and relaxation. After a long day, it’s soothing to have a space where you can retreat and rest. Making sure your bed has all the right pieces can really give your room a sense of lavishness and polish. Luxury bedding is both aesthetically pleasing, and helps you get the rest you need.

First, it’s important to have ultra comfortable sheets and pillow cases. Since this is the fabric that will most often come in contact with your skin, the material should be soft and breathable. Cotton has both of these qualities, and can be bought in different thread counts. The higher the thread count, the more comfort you can expect. Egyptian, Supima, and Pima are higher quality cottons worth checking out.

Once you’ve got your bed sheets and pillow cases, the next step is to consider quilts, duvet covers, or comforters. Each of these can be found in various fabrics and designs. Your choice will depend heavily on the already established style of your bedroom. Colors and patterns should add to the feel you’d like to achieve once every piece is in its place. Another factor to consider is functionality.

Some fabrics need to be professionally cleaned, or are fragile and have shorter life spans. Finding a quality material that’s durable and easily laundered will help you avoid stress down the road. In addition, duvet covers are known for their convenience due to the fact that they can be easily removed and treated for any damage or spills.

The final touches to add are bed skirts and decorative pillows. A bed skirt can help hide any objects you’re storing underneath the bed, or simply conceal the bottom of the frame. Decorative pillows give you a chance to add more color or elements of intrigue. A small pillow in a bright color or with intricate embellishments can greatly enhance an otherwise average bed. If you’re looking to cut down on shopping time, comforter sets are an expedient option. They contain other matching parts of the bedding, like pillow shams, and create a nicely composed look.

Another extra addition to consider is a bed scarf. These are long rectangular pieces of fabric that are placed at the foot of the bed. They are easily interchangeable and offer a simple way to alternate looks with the seasons.
BeddingStyle sells luxury bedding sets, including comforters and duvet covers, from high-quality designers.

5 Tips for Finding the Right Bra Size

Finding the perfect bra that fits well but is not too tight does not necessarily have to be stressful. From the A cup to the F, these tips below might help you in finding the perfect piece.

  1. More than one everyday piece

A bra should be changed everyday and rotated as much as possible to ensure that it last longer. For that, you would need to choose at least 3 or 4 everyday wear bra. Wearing a bra for consecutive days can also stretch it out.

  1. Your bra size WILL change

With age and weight fluctuations, your bra size will change. The cup size will also change as you grow. You might want to continually measure yourself up to check whether your bra size is still the same before buying a new set.

  1. Wear your bra on the loosest clasp

When your bra is still new, wear it on the loosest clasp. With time, as the bra stretches, you would then be able to tighten it so that it continues to fit well.

  1. Test it with an arm lift

This is a great test to determine whether your bra size is correct for you. If your bra has moved when you tried the test, it means that your cup might be small or your band might be bigger.

  1. The center of your bra should fit against your sternum.

The center of your bra should sit against your sternum and your entire bra should not move when you press it. If it moves, it means that you need to get a bigger cup size.

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